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Brand Story

Founded by the rapper Phora in 2017, YoursTruly designs fashion that are inspired by Phora’s music and creative inspiration. With a massive number of followers on Instagram and a celebrity backing the brand, YoursTruly quickly rose to success. With an extremely high organic reach on their Instagram page, YoursTruly was able to generate a massive reach that translated into visitors and consistent growth. Knowing that this brand had a bright feature, they decided it was time to open up to paid advertising on a large scale.

 Their goal was to incorporate paid advertising as a medium to accelerate their growth and revenue while remaining ROI-positive at all times.

The Objective

Since their main engine of growth was mostly their Instagram pages, they wanted to introduce paid ads and use them to accelerate their brand’s growth. Their goal was to drive prospecting traffic to their website and dramatically increase their sales while remaining ROI-positive at all times with at least a 4x return on investment. 

In addition, their goal was also to increase LTV (lifetime value) by engaging and showcasing more ads to encourage customers to shop more often, thus increasing the amount each customer spends on their website over their lifetime as a customer.


Our two biggest challenges were strict ROI goals and strict brand guidelines. Most ecommerce companies who advertise on Facebook settle for an ROI of 1.6x  to 2.5x. Knowing how challenging it is to deliver a 4x ROAS, we knew we had to approach this brand differently. In addition, we wanted to stick to the brand guidelines with all of our ads. No aggressive or sleazy sales captions were allowed, and no classic marketing tactics were used.

The Strategy

Knowing that we had to prove ourselves from day one, we knew that we had to be on point with every ad we created. The audience had to be fine-tuned to the last inch, and we needed to use the strongest assets in our creatives in order to sell. 

After a sleepless 24 hours of in-depth A-Z brand auditing, we noticed some interesting facts. YoursTruly had a remarkably high conversion rate on specific products and a massive amount of engagement on some organic posts that we could use to armor our ads with. The logic was that a post with 20,000 likes and 5,000 shares will perform better than any other cold traffic new ad that we created. Additionally, because the brand was built around Phora, we noticed that video ads with his music performed exceptionally well. 

Our main analysts generated a list of best-performing products based on metrics like buy-to-detail rate, click-through rate and engagement rate and cross referenced them with the most recommended copies to use. In addition, they hand-picked the posts that were likely to perform best for prospecting and warm audiences. After this stage was completed, we were armed with data and with the best creatives and copy to use that were likely to be effective. 

We segmented audiences based on warm and prospecting traffic. Then we created sub-groups for audiences within traffic domains to ensure our creatives resonated with the intent level of each group. The warmer the traffic was, the more likely they are to purchase. We then used CBO (campaign budget optimization) to automate delivery between different traffic streams to ensure we utilized the machine learning capabilities to maximize the performance of the campaigns. 

We tested hundreds of ads until we started narrowing down winners and scaling them. We used the 3-to-7-to-14 days bidding optimization methods to ensure we looked at both recent data and also long-term to make the most educated optimization changes. We used automated ruling by Facebook to increase bids and budgets when needed to automatically, so we could focus on producing more creatives and more research. 

We repeated this process and continued to increase spending gradually to ensure ROI remained steady. We learned the importance of how crucial it can be to identify the strongest assets of a brand before launching a campaign and how fast it can accelerate your results. During the following months, we plan to scale the campaigns with more creatives that will be created based on the results that we see directly from the ads.

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“We loved running this campaign on TikTok. The campaign was great in helping us achieve our brand objective, and exceeded our expectations. The TikTok For Business team is also very helpful.”

Elvira Puspasari Chandra, Digital Marketing Specialist, PT
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