Why TikTok Commands a Room in Social Media Marketing

TikTok has, without a doubt, shaken up the social media world within a few short months. This popular app is best defined as the current world’s leading platform for short-form mobile videos. Users are able to shoot creative videos that last only 60 seconds, which have been able to go viral on a global scale. Available for iOS and Android, the majority has easy access to share joy and inspire others with their unique creativity. 

In the middle of this successful whirlwind, early-adapting marketers have been able to take action by implementing their marketing strategy both on the app and with like-minded content creators. Since TikTok has proven to be one of the leading platforms in both content and influence, let’s take you through all of the legitimate reasons to showcase your brand on the new social media and exactly how you’ll receive the returns on your investment.   

No.1 download in the App Store 

TikTok truly is a global phenomenon. With over 75 languages and 150 different markets covered, this platform is able to reach a diverse market of people, which may just fit your target in a marketing strategy. In the App Store alone, it leads with the most downloads, while it tops off has number three in Google Play. 

This platform has been able to lead in a number of countries such as India, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Other countries like England, United States, and Australia have the app coming in at only number two.  

Valuable content creators have grown

Since there are more users, there’s a new high percentage in content creators. In fact, 22 million videos are created per minute, equalling out to 48 million videos uploaded per day. TikTok’s platform is essentially a mini version of YouTube, which allows for creators the way they create content without having them compromise their creative freedom. 

TikTok’s algorithm has played a key part in growing valuable content creators. When a viewer finds a good video, they have the ability to like or follow the creator for more of their content. Liking the content alone will demonstrate that the viewer likes this creator, and therefore the algorithm will adapt to make sure it shows more of this creator’s videos or videos similar to him. When more action is taken on the video, the video becomes much easier to spread to other users who enjoy similar content.  

Users are highly engaged

Shorter videos are easier to access during the short periods of downtime people engage with during the day. Viewers have the option to log on to the app right after they wake up, during the morning commute, during a lunch break, during evening leisure activities and right before they go to sleep. 

Users have proven to actually enjoy the video-making process too. 68 percent of people have been reported to spend an average of 30 minutes making videos in the U.S., while in France, 55 percent have been reported. In total, there’s been a high percentage of people who have uploaded at least one video. In the U.S. we’ve seen a total of 84 percent, while Southeast Asia has seen 80 percent and the United Arab Emirates has seen 74 percent. 

The short time frame for these videos also play a part in keeping viewers engaged. Nowadays, a person’s attention span is constantly shrinking, so if there is more content expressed in a shorter period of time, more people are likely to stay engaged for the entirety of the video. 

TikTok has reached key generations 


This social media platform has been able to reach the right generations that will heavily impact businesses and brands in the near future. Out of all users on the app, a total of 78 percent of users are between the ages of 16-34 years old. Most of them happen to be within Gen Z or are a Millennial. In the U.S. alone, Gen Z holds the buying power worth up to $44 billion, majorly impacting existing brands. In 2020, Gen Z now accounts for at least 40 percent of all consumers in the U.S. 

Although they aren’t creating as big of a splash on the app, TikTok has also been able to hit other age ranges. 16 percent of users are between the ages of 35-44 and 6 percent of them are aged 45 and over. 

Great ability to leverage a brand 

When a marketer decides to work with this app, they are guaranteed unique engagement solutions and strongly immersive formats to creatively and genuinely connect with all different audiences found around the world. Leveraging a brand on TikTok will give marketers the opportunity to reach their current target market and organically create new followers that otherwise may have never found it.  

Reach- Marketers are able to create brand awareness to any viewers who are unaware of the brand packaging or product use. This may be displayed in three ways: 

Brand Takeover-  Purchase full screen ad space that increases brand awareness and the ad’s impact. This will be the first piece of content viewers will see when logging onto the app, and it gives them the option to either keep scrolling or interact. The content is noiseless and only available for 3-5 seconds so the viewer has to act quickly.  

Top-View- Like the picture, this short video is also released after you first log on to the app. The video plays anywhere from 5-60 seconds, giving advertisers creative control in their content messaging.  

In-Feed Ads- Have your ads blend in with the rest of the TikTok videos by placing them within the feed. The advertisement may be interacted with in the same way as a regular video, which allows marketers to measure their strategy, while also giving viewers the power to make a purchase after seeing the ad.   

Engagement- After looking at the above ways a viewer or user is able to achieve brand awareness, those same methods can also be used to consider the brand for purchase. When all three methods are utilized and found within the app, this speeds up the viewer’s decision-making process to complete a purchase. 

When marketers consider the following challenge, this will also have viewers consider engaging with the brand. 

Hashtag Challenge- Marketers have the ability to create a unique content outline for users to produce when making their videos. They’ll be able to generate engagement for you by reaching a guaranteed large audience and generate likes, comments, and shares. Afterward, viewers will also be able to follow the brand and engage in the future. 

Direct Response- When viewers finally choose to respond and make a purchase, then the brand will witness an increase in conversion. The easiest way to achieve this is by installing in-feed ads, as mentioned above. These give viewers the direct power to purchase the product right off the app. 

Follow- Establish direct loyalty by creating a brand account, capable of making and sharing its own content. This will have viewers and users consistently seeing the work and products produced from the brand. The marketer may even link the in-feed app to the brand’s page to increase followers, and therefore more long-time customers.  

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