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Brand Story

Vivamacity is a bohemian lifestyle brand which designs handcrafted jewelry, home decor, apparel, and more! It all started in the summer of 2015 when Vivamacity’s founder made chokers as a hobby and wore them in public. Today, Vivamacity is a globally known jewellery brand that is famous for its exclusive lucrative jewellery designs.   

Since starting, Vivamacity mostly relied on influencer marketing as the main source for growth for their business. Following the gradual decline in organic reach on Instagram and specifically of Instagram influencers, Vivamacity wanted to explore using paid ads to drive traffic profitably at scale.

The Objective

Since their main growth had always been influencer marketing, paid ads weren’t native to their marketing efforts. They tried using different agencies during the past few years, but never had any success. The lack of success in paid ads in the past, made them hesitant to work with Yado and explore paid ads again. Their goal was to achieve an ROAS of 2X on every dollar put into their paid ads. In addition to bringing a new stream of prospective customers to their business, Vivamacity wanted to create a scalable strategy to re-engage their existing customers in order to increase their lifetime value.


Having worked with many jewellery brands in the past, we knew the challenges of the industry. Selling jewellery through paid ads requires a combination of very high price margins and a very high conversion rate on your store. Because most items from Vivamacity are priced at $25-$40, in order to deliver an ROI of +2X, we would need a very efficient strategy that can deliver both cost effective results and scalability. We knew that in order to make this happen, we would have to carefully plan every ad we launch and every dollar we spend. 

The Strategy

Knowing how extremely competitive the jewellery space is on Facebook and Instagram, we knew that only a highly creative and cutting-edge strategy would make our campaigns successful. Instagram was already over saturated with jewellery related posts and we didn’t have the liberty to start testing hundreds of ads until we found a few ads that work. We also knew that we won’t be able to simply feed Facebook with a standard catalog and let it’s algorithm decide for us which products to use in the ads as it would be very costly. 

Instead, before launching any campaigns, we dived deep into the analytical mode and analyzed top to bottom all of Vivamacity’s social assets and website analytics to find the best area of focus. After days of deep analyses, we concluded that the main area of focus should be leveraging Instagram as the main platform for growth, and decided to use Facebook placement mostly for retargeting. 

We decided to focus on the top 15% of products rather than using all of the products in the store to save algorithmic learning time and experimental ad spend. We picked products not only by the number of sales, but also by real time trends in the store analytics and crossed reference to external sources like Google Trends and more. We then crafted a dynamic creative campaign that was based on our selected list of best performing products. Instead of using product photos like many of the competitors, we decided to use lifestyle photos knowing that they will perform better. 

We segmented audiences based on a mixture of elements such as level of intent, time recency and product grouping to ensure the highest relevancy and lowest cost per impression possible. After we laid down the foundation for the setup, we created a 8 week foundation that would include new ads weekly and ensure that new best sellers will be included weekly in our campaign creation funnel.

Within 30 days, we were able to create an uplift in ROAS of 150% with an increase of purchases of more than 200% compared to the previous month with a staggering ROAS of 2.45X within 30 days. Over the next few months we plan to systematically scale the marketing spend while maintaining a solid ROAS.

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“Was hesitant at first since I’ve never heard of Yado, but I am glad I decided to hire them. Crazy uplift in sales and profits!”

Maria Negara, Vivamacity