Top Platforms to Market your Photography Skills

If you’re taking photography more seriously than a simple snap of a picture on an iphone, then you should find a few great places to highlight your hard work. Photography is a tough skill to adapt, so your work deserves to be displayed in the right way. Take a look at all of the best platforms to display your photos. Whether that be an uber popular platform like Facebook or somewhere more niche such as 500px, we want to make sure your work is seen by the right people.  


Although this might seem like a given, Instagram is one of the best places to store all of your highlighted photos. What’s nice about the platform is that pictures and videos are the focused medium. Followers expect to log on and find good content. If you happen to take pictures of others, make sure to tag them and show off the location in order to be searchable. Create a numerous number of tags in both the caption and comments section. Although it might be more difficult to grasp a mass following on the page, the exposure the page offers makes posting on the platform worth it.       


This is a platform that is one of the best for photo management. Not only are you able to display all of your work, but you’re also able to share and organize all your photos with a group of people. This is especially great if you’re on a group assignment. For instance, if you’re working on an editorial for an upcoming spot in a magazine, the group involved has the option to look through all the photos, retouch the ones they pick and ultimately see their final display all in one spot. 

Another nice feature on the website is that you may actually have the opportunity to sell these photos, which may put a few extra dollars in your pocket. Like Instagram, you have the opportunity to follow other users, gain inspiration from them and even purchase their images if you  desire.   


Tumblr is a platform that most certainly had a popular phase a few years ago, but the platform is still as good as ever. In fact, you have the opportunity to practically market yourself with your own page. By creating a Tumblr page, you can schedule posts, network with other users and write out the rationale for taking each photo on each initial upload. There’s a community on the platform that is worth it to be discovered. 

Personal Website 

There’s no website better than the one you are able to create. By making your own website and uploading your own portfolio, you have full creative control over how the work is perceived. Hosting sites such as WordPress or Squarespace are great platforms to start on as they already have themes you’re able to build upon and make your own. There’s endless possibilities with a personal website, and you now have one secure spot to direct potential employers to see all of your work in one spot. 


Pinterest is an amazing spot to market any type of work you desire. On the platform, you have the option to create a business account to monitor your reach. You then have the ability to create as many boards as you desire and have them link back to your own website. Pinterest is also a place where you may gain inspiration and how-tos from other photographers to increase your personal skills. Whether you’re a beginner or expert with photos, there will always be a spot for you on the platform.   


Behance is a platform that allows any web creator to display their portfolio and follow other users. You may be a part of fashion, photography, graphic design, illustration and so much more. This platform will help you book your next job, especially if you’re a freelancer, or help to introduce you to the right people to network with for the future. The platform is free to use and there’s an endless amount of projects you can create on the site. It’s truly a website that’s meant for creators.   


If you live and breathe photography, then this might be the platform for you. YouPic is a younger platform that allows you to post your work as well as sell it through the shopping section. If you’re looking to brush up on any skills, the platform also shares courses for you to take and become a master. This is a website that not only allows for skills to be shared, but they also are able to be boosted to become a better version. Like many of the other platforms, you can also use this one to gain inspiration for your own work.  


This is a space that allows you to sell and make money off of your work on a global scale. Based in Toronto, 500px was created to help become the liaison between your work and how you want it displayed and eventually sold to your customers. This platform will help to essentially build your career. You may be able to also post your own upcoming workshops and announcements all with the purchase of a monthly membership. 500px also measures your success and reach to clients. It also hands out rewards to top performers as you continue to use the website. 


Zenfolio is a hub that creates portfolio themes so that you can develop and post photos that will go beautifully with those themes. You have the option to sell your photos on the platform as well as purchase a membership based upon the needs you have for your own business. Better yet, the platform allows you to create free marketing campaigns that allow you to share with your target market. Zenfolio is a one-stop website that wants to cater your business all the way from the initial upload of a photo to the moment someone purchases your work.  

Adobe Portfolio

If you need help building your own website/portfolio, Adobe created a website that helps to display work specific to creative careers such as a spot for photos and intricate designs. You may customize and create in the way that you envision all while Adobe is used as the vehicle to help get you there. 

Adobe is a trusted platform that offers so much more than a portfolio maker. You probably know the company from the way you retouch your creations through Adobe Photoshop or the way you outline your work through Adobe Illustrator. Pricing varies for each, but you are able to expect quality displays every time.  


As a creator you can’t ever go wrong with Facebook. It’s one of the main social platforms that allows for so many variations of connecting. From creating your own business page to sharing on a personal account, you may share your work however you please. The best takeaway from Facebook is the networking. You may meet several different individuals all on one site. What’s even better, you have the ability to list and sell your artwork without any service fees. You get to create and develop your own terms and reach a wider audience in the process. 

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