Top marketing Tricks to Utilize on Twitter

Twitter is one of the main three social media platforms to use when it comes to marketing your business or yourself. However, the challenge on Twitter is how to really get your message across in 280 characters or less, and receiving an effective reaction from the target market. With all of our small tips and tricks, we’ll have your Twitter looking extra appealing to your target market, from the next tweet you post to the overall presentation of the initial profile.   

Voice the right image 

Voicing the right image stems from how you look to your followers. Start by asking how you want to be perceived personally or ask yourself how you want your business to present itself. Is it a more professional stance you want to take, or is it a more comedic approach? 

On Twitter this can be demonstrated through the profile image, header image and ultimately the username chosen. All three of these visual aspects will work together to voice the image that you desire on your page, and all can be easily changed with the rebrand.  

Short and sweet content 

Twitter isn’t meant to be a blog or an editorial page. It’s simply there to deliver the short content we all crave to recieve on our commute to work or on our short lunch breaks. Grab the attention of your followers with content that has a direct purpose, or that invites them to respond and collaborate long after the tweet was first posted. This creates longevity and a larger following, which is a great area to achieve on a social feed that’s always fleeting. 

For example, create a Q and A  so that you have content to work with later on in the day. This makes a chain tweet for yourself, which allows for interaction and and receptivity to your followers. If you’re trying to build a following, and don’t have enough followers to respond to a Q and A, make a tweet that gets to the point and attach links and hashtags in order for the tweet to be searched by those that don’t follow your page yet.   

Create a purpose to the account 

Ask yourself what is making people following you? Why would you follow yourself? Is it the opinionated conversation that creates a flame on the profile, or is it the announcements that are made for the business that can’t be found anywhere else? 

Create the purpose and make it a mission to place content exclusive to your page. Giving someone an apparent reason to follow you is one of the easiest ways to gain a following. If you happen to have similar competition in terms of content, analyze what you can create or what aligns with you that has not been made or known to anyone else yet. This could be a little segment you make on Twitter that no one has yet. It can also be a time of day that maybe others aren’t engaging, but you are. 

Utilize Twitter to engage with customers 

Some of the bigger brands that are extremely well known to the public still make it a mission to make a personal connection to their followers. For instance, if someone has a concern about a product the business has recently released, make it apparent to engage with them and to privately message them in order to show a higher level of caring that other brands may not yet possess. 

As an example, accounts like Zappos and Dominos are prompt and provide responses directly to the consumer with apologies and links to accompany their tweets in order to take care of the problem. If there is no response from companies that make customer service a mission, then there is a level of trust lost from the consumer’s point of view. It’s important to almost always respond, and show the follower that they are present. 

Make moments around trending hashtags 

Trending hashtags are seen by so many people around the world, so if one of them actually aligns with you and your brand, then this can be a successful moment in conversing with your followers. For instance, if you enjoy talking about the latest fashion trends and fashion week is occuring, then this is the time to take part in the conversation and utilize the latest hashtags. 

Twitter is about making moments via conversation and engaging with people for a friendly understanding of your followers/target market. Reacting to an of-the-moment topic is the bones of what Twitter ultimately is as a social media platform. At the end of these moments, not only will you create the engagement but also the followers that will eventually come with it. 

Create an exclusive part of the business on the platform 

Most businesses and people have more than one social media account. We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The best way to get followers to tap the follow button all is by giving them a variety of reasons to follow you on more than one account. Give them something different on each. 

As an example, Facebook may be the area of your business that posts videos and cool new ad campaigns which relate back to your brand. You may also be able to officiate an event based on what Facebook provides in order to set up that event. Twitter, on the other hand, may be the   

Live Tweet 

If you or your brand align with the coverage of a live event, then take advantage of it by logging onto twitter to interact with the current events. This could entail live tweeting a basketball or football game, or even reacting to the outcome of a political debate. Whatever it might be, those times are normally when Twitter is most active. This will allow for like minds and differing opinions to stir up a conversation, but overall create the engagement you’ve been hoping to occur. 

Take a few moments out of your day to mark on your calendar when those events are set to occur and set a time for yourself to become most active with your users. By setting this time, you’ll be able to prepare the way you want to tweet and won’t be caught off guard by the events occurring during the week. 

Make Twitter chats at an apparent time 

Create a designated time to be apparent on Twitter. This will have users have an idea in their head as to when they can expect to hear from you. Pick a time you’re also comfortable with dedicating to each day, and one that won’t be easily interrupted. For instance, if you happen to take public transportation during a commute to work, make that the time to tweet out to followers. You won’t be interrupted by the need to navigate home and you’ll most likely be commuting by yourself.  

Add images and links 

Add more depth to your tweets with the occasional image or link relating to your tweet. If you’re at an event yourself, or the business you monitor is involved in the premier, show your followers. This will add extra excitement to your news and create and add imagery for your followers.

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