Top Communication Topics to Cover in Email Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the best forms of distributing information because there is instant reach to your target market. As other methods such as telemarketing and regular mail delivery dwindle, businesses only have email marketing as a way to directly communicate and fall back on for a guaranteed return on investment. In a world where every company is fighting to be seen, here are the top ways to effectively communicate to your clients in the most genuine manner. 

Personal Client Messaging

There’s too many times where we open an email and we all know that it was sent out with only the mass consumer in mind. Stand apart from the rest by drafting emails that personally touch each client. Genuine communication and effort to know the person you’re working with speaks more volumes for the company. The email shows the care, which will instantly have your client matching the emotions of a great experience with a wonderful business. 

Message from the CEO

When there are big transitions happening in the company, clients want to know directly from the person who is making all these decisions. When people hear (or in this case read) from a voice of power and seemingly larger responsibilities, it instantly demonstrates the level of detail the business will meet in order to effectively communicate the correct information instead of channeling it through a third party.   

Trend Alert

Sharing the trends, whether that be from a company with expertise in technology or fashion, shows exactly how your company is modern and relevant to the consumer. You are not only informing the client, but also demonstrating how the product or service you’re offering is already desirable to the mass market.

This can be done by showing celebrities walking down the street with your new product or even people using them in everyday life. You can also host a side-by-side comparison of others using similar products, but then further explain how this company’s specific one trumps the rest.    

Flash Sale Exclusive through Email

Give your clients an exclusive reason why signing up for your emails is so important. By subscribing to the email service, the client instantly enters exclusive promotions and communication that they otherwise would never have been able to utilize. This will have people who are not subscribed fearing that they will not only be missing out on the sales, but so much more. This method will also keep customers attentive each time they receive the brand’s notification. 

The “Why” Behind Company Announcements 

Always explain the “why” behind every communication, no matter the form. The best leaders always had a following because they explained why their followers should take their advice. It comes across as more powerful because there is logic and reason behind the initial decisions. If someone knows why, it’s so much easier to get behind what and how.  

Guest Collaboration 

Have people that align with the brand/business collaborate to deliver exclusive content for the email subscriber. This method also creates that exclusivity and gives even more of a reason to be a part of the email subscription. This content could be a cool lesson for a service website or it could be the release of a cool editorial interview with an influencer who may frequently shop the brand. 

Real Client Success Stories 

It’s always fun and interesting when the readers become the ones that are read about. Real testimonials and experiences are a twist to the normal form of communications. This brings another form of genuine messaging. This also adds a realistic moment to what may seem as a larger company. Instant personalization puts the emotion back into the communication system. 

Also give your client the option in the email to submit a story about themselves. To feel a part of a brand in a new way can become empowering to the customer, and it can show a new level of care that the company has for them. 

Act Upon Spending Habits

When a client is buying a specific item from any brand, they’re always more likely to come back for more, especially if they left with the memory of a good experience. Build on that next impulse by emailing marketing material that best resembles their tastes. If the company is selling footwear and they bought a pair of boots, showcase similar styles or that sane boot in another color to show that the brand is still relevant to that client. 

Also look at a promotion that may currently be running. If you know an item is more popular, and it finally has a discount, make it the feature in your messaging. More clients are more likely to act upon the deal, especially since it’s been preconceived that the item on sale is a rarity. 

Make the Subject a Video 

With whatever subject you’re trying to get across to the client, switch up the method of communication with a video instead of text. The customer will be more engaged and they’ll be less likely to delete the email if it has fewer words. A video campaign is easier to remember, and it will give that specific email more longevity. 

If it’s a new campaign, not only send the video, but the “why” behind the choice for this campaign. The “why” can also be another exclusive feature on a video that would only be displayed elsewhere. 

Reinforce the Shopper’s Decision Process

Show the client that the purchase they made was the best one they could’ve made. This can be done by sending an email with the product and positive reviews or the product out in public already in use. 

If the customer is still in-between the decision to make the final purchase, remind them that the product is still in the cart. When communicating that reminder, they will be given that sense of urgency to finally purchase. 

PR Reviews 

It’s always exciting when the act of public relations works in the company’s favor. Your new product or service could have been published in a popular magazine, and it’s a great tactic to showcase the brand’s success. In fact, that same person reading your emails is most likely reading the same magazines as it’s the same target market. The customer may also become excited for the brand, and it’s showcase in the magazine will show the customer exactly how special the product is on a mass scale. 

Make a Story out of the Product 

Create emotion for the product’s use. If it’s a product made for medical reasons, personify the actions and showcase how it exactly changed someone’s life. If it’s a pair of shoes for a wedding, write a story about how the bride wouldn’t have been the same without them on her big day. Clients purchase on the impulse of their emotions, so it’s a great way to demonstrate them in marketing tools. 

Product Updates

Even the most classic of products requires a much-needed update. To bring your most loyal customers back into the stores, tell them what they’re missing out on without new features in an already popular product. The email will give the client a fear of loss for going without the new changes which will have them returning to stores for the product. 

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