Top 10 Digital Marketing Platforms to Invest for Campaigns

As we move into the new year, it’s time for companies to begin sitting down and discussing how they want to move forward with their business and the new goals they have to put forth in order to succeed. 

Since marketing is a large part of this execution of success, let’s take a look into what digital platforms will be worth the initial investment. Whether it’s a personal social media classic such as Facebook or a more innovative and newly popular platform such as Instacart, we’ll take you through the details on why each should be considered. 

Take a look!  


If you haven’t heard of Instacart, then listen up! This is your new grocery shopping best friend. This is a platform that allows you to place delivery orders from large convenience and grocery retailers with the purchase of a membership. While this was a steadily growing startup company, it hit mega popularity in the last year during the height of the global pandemic. Instead of risking your health and safety of leaving your home, a new convenient delivery service came to the rescue to aid thousands, if not millions of people. 

Now you also have the ability to advertise on this platform too. If you represent a convenient or grocery brand, this is the one spot to sponsor and feature your products for heightened exposure and an increase in sales. 


Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok is a well-known platform that also happens to be known for having some of the highest ad conversions. How? This is simply due to the fact that most of the advertisements are highly engaging in only 60 seconds or less. In fact, that is how the entire platform is so successful and the reason why so many users can scroll through the platform for at least an hour without noticing. 

By partnering with a user on TikTok or advertising on there yourself, there is an instant guarantee that the right strategy and partnership will take you far in achieving a profitable return on investment. 


Ever view a video before the initial video on YouTube? That is advertising on YouTube at its finest. In fact, video is one of the most successful forms of advertising. Visuals and sound collide in order to make magic and communicate efficiently and creatively to the viewer. When these two aspects of an advertisement work together, it helps the viewer remember the messaging that stems from the video. This helps in the long run for future brand recall in the time of need for the related product or service. 

For those who might have a television show or movie to feature based on brand collaborations, this may just be the mass digital advertising platform for you. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to partner with multiple different artists and feature visual ads in other areas of the platform. Let the option of video advertising be a vehicle for your creativity. 


Even Gmail has its own campaign section run and manage your own advertising and marketing needs. This is perfect for when you want to invest more within the email marketing area of the business. 

Email marketing is essential to help build and maintain loyal customers for your business. It’s a great consistent channel of communication where a customer can learn about new sales or general happenings and new releases in the company. 

The platform allows you to also create custom target marketing audiences, which will allow you to experiment with who is able to see your advertising and marketing strategies. 


Think of Twitch as the engaging, live version of YouTube where livestreamers take to the screen and talk to an audience. In a lot of cases, this is a great place for gamers to showcase how they’re able to defeat a game or take someone through the process of all the different levels. 

When looking at the advertising and marketing aspect of the platform, there is a lot that can be achieved. Advertisers can utilize unskippable ads and their very own versions of premium ads and live video. 


Quora is a major question and answer forum where advertising often appears as organic to the viewer. In a lot of cases, some advertisers for brands such as Nike could be answering forum questions that have to do with their very own brands. This is an excellent opportunity for the business to share their voice and communicate in a more personal way to the consumer.  

With the various topics that can be covered on this social media platform, there are tons of brands that are able to acquire new target markets both mass and niche. This gives each brand ample opportunity to find what works for them while also obtaining more profitability for the business overall. 


At first glance, you might not be on board with this platform as an excellent source for your advertising and marketing needs. However, this is just as good as any other platform because of the differences it’s able to possess.  

For instance, this is very much a platform that is compared to the actions of Google. Bing, for example, has a significantly higher success rate in video search than Google. This knowledge alone allows for video advertising to be more preferred on a platform such as this one rather than on Google. 


Get creative with your advertising this year on Pinterest. This is the spot to give all of the more unique advertising campaigns more of a highlight than anywhere else. Best of all, there are even set analytical tools to monitor not only the advertisements, but also the profile itself. All you have to do is turn the page into your very own verified account. 

This is also a unique space to showcase exactly why someone may need your product. Craft out ways they may not have thought of that can also be equally useful to their everyday life. 


What many often neglect on SnapChat is the fact that there are so many different online publications and news outlets all within that platform. This gives users even more of a reason to log onto the platform and engage. 

This also gives advertisers on SnapChat to run campaigns as well as engage in different ways. Whether it’s in between the time you’re viewing someone else’s story/snap or in the midst of the different news or feature posts, there is a lot that can be done with this platform. The addition of more features also adds to the fact that there will be more diversity in the different markets that are targeted.  


If you’re in need of business to business marketing, then this is the move for you. Other establishments rely on the goods and services of others to keep them operating. Why not hop on the networking platform and place the company you represent to the forefront? 

On a more personal business endeavor, those that are pursuing to further their careers are also using advertising methods to get their own self in front of the right people. LinkedIn is all about making new connections small and large. It’s important to showcase effort in a way that your connection will stand out among the rest.

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