These are the Digital Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

While we focus on all of the top or great actions to take for digital marketing, the main actions that should be avoided haven’t necessarily been addressed. Sometimes, it can be more difficult to understand what marketing maneuvers aren’t the greatest for your business, and these mistakes also seem to happen more often than not too.

To combat this from occurring again, we’ve rounded up all of the commonly made digital marketing mistakes. We’re also providing tips on how to steer clear from them in the future. Follow along! 

Forgetting About Mobile Users

We all may know that there are several mobile users out in the world, but it’s easy to forget this detail when developing a website. A lot of the time websites that are created often forget that they need to be optimized to be mobile friendly. 

It’s one small detail that happens to be a large mistake for your business. There are several on-the-go shoppers that are using their phones to make a purchase. If the website isn’t mobile friendly, then the business has the potential to lose a customer.   

Avoiding Sales or Promotions 

Sometimes a sale or promotion can be perceived as bad for business. However, that’s not the case at all! 

It’s always good to reward customers with a special promotional treat at times. It’s one of the best ways to thank them for their loyalty. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to clean out some of the inventory that’s either been sitting in the warehouse or store. 

This isn’t to say that a sale or promotion needs to occur every week (or even every two), but it’s good to be conducted every once in a while for the reasons listed above. 

Neglecting to Use Videos 

Videos are a super engaging part of advertising, but it happens to be overlooked at times. By having a resource to upload videos and create consumer engagement, it can create leads and then turn into conversions for the business. 

These videos will do well on a platform such as YouTube. The uploads will not only create the needed exposure for your brand, but it will also expand to a larger market that hasn’t been targeted quite yet. 

Pictures joined with voices are much more engaging than only having one part of this equation. For instance, videos will then create more engagement than radio ads, billboards or any print ad that’s seen.  

Not Measuring Return On Investment 

This is an extremely important step to the advertising and marketing process. If a business is investing money into a campaign, they should be able to analyze and understand the results that are yielded from it. The ROI captured from this campaign will showcase how it was able to produce results. 

For example, if there was a TikTok campaign run for a week, then the results of that campaign needs to be evaluated for future use. These are some of the following questions to ask. 

  • Did the campaign reach the right people?
  • How many impressions did it achieve?
  • From those impressions, how many conversions came from it? 
  • What can be changed for the next campaign?

Without measuring the details, a business won’t be able to decipher if they are wasting money or making money from these actions. This form of marketing can also be controlled to a certain extent, so any action made should always move forward with fewer limited errors. 

Targeting the Mass Public 

There is always a need for a target market. Even if that market is larger, there also needs to be logical data to support the rationale behind it.  

Target markets are best achieved by doing the necessary research to see if they would be interested in the product. It can be done by conducting surveys, polls or even focus groups. If this part of the marketing is neglected, then there will be a loss of money because it will have been allocated to large groups who don’t fit the interest needed for the brand. 

Failing to Engage With Consumers/Followers  

Creating personalization for a brand is a huge factor in achieving loyalty and repeat customers. It shows that the brand genuinely cares about the person making the purchase instead of the sale itself. 

The right engagement can be achieved through social media interaction as well as through call-to-actions. 

Since several industries have grown and become saturated in the market, personalization is one key tool that allows different businesses and brands to set themselves above the rest. For example, let’s look at a customer who is shopping for a new pair of denim jeans online. If they’re struggling to find the right size at one store, then they might turn to a different brand that offers live customer service experience. The representative will be able to have a full conversation with them, and tailor their needs to what the brand is currently offering to them.  

Don’t Spam Your Customers 

It can be difficult to be too communicative to your customers. There’s also a fine line between helpful information and spam. Before sending an email or sending out a physical piece of mail, ask how the information may result in being beneficial for the two of you. Is there a promotion or communication on new arrivals? These two examples are able to both inform the consumer, and increase the potential of a new sale. Therefore, that communication will result in a winning situation. 

Not Addressing Abandoned Shopping Carts 

It’s important for a business to ask why the customer has not made the final move in completing the purchase. Is it because shipping is too high? Is there a possibility that the checkout process appears to be too lengthy or difficult to work all the way through? By answering these questions, the business/brand will be able to tweak these actions in order to supply an increase in sales. 

The selling procedure (especially online) can be lengthy and be prone to a few distractions. If these are able to be controlled and eliminated, then the transaction will run much more smoothly. 

Turning Down Partnerships 

Partnerships are a great way to achieve business, so they shouldn’t be so easily dismissed. When a partnership does occur, it’s important that both parties are going to benefit from it. Make sure to run through all of the potential scenarios, looking at the pros and cons. 

It’s also important to know that a partnership is inviting a new customer base to be a part of your  new business sales, which is great for those wanting to expand and increase profits. 

Underestimating Email Marketing 

Email marketing is known for creating and keeping a loyal customer base, especially when it’s done correctly. It’s one of the best methods for first hand communication and an insider scoop into new business happenings. This could entail new arrivals or an exclusive sale for a limited time only. It could even incorporate events happening that are local to where they live. Look into how email marketing will begin to work for your business and begin collecting emails to incorporate them into your list. As the email list grows, so will the business.

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