The Best Marketing Events to Host for your Brand

So, you want to start hosting marketing events for your business? This method of marketing has the ability to create long-lasting exposure for the brand. Events create the opportunity to target current and new consumers, and it will even grab the attention of the right news agencies and publications if executed correctly. 

Event marketing may be one of the most unique forms of brand exposure for business too. There are several avenues a marketer may take in the planning process. However, the behind-the-scenes may not always look pretty due to the types of details and hours of the time it takes to bring these types of events to life. Once launched and accomplished though, it may turn out to be one of the more memorable campaigns. 

These are a few of the best types of events a marketing team may plan for proper exposure of new products or services.  

Street Campaigning

Street campaigning has a habit of receiving a bad reputation, but it’s actually one of the more successful events. Street salesmen are sent out to represent the brand in a certain location that’s busy with potential consumers. These salesmen bring the event to the target market in the effort to bring brand awareness and increase sales. 

For instance, in NYC, there are street campaigners that travel around major parts in Manhattan to increase awareness and sell deals to consumers in the effort to inform locals about new hair salons opening near them. Hair salons are one of the most competitive businesses in a city setting, so marketers are bringing the event to the consumer instead of the other way around. This beats out competition because of the sense of urgency this type of campaign transmits.  

Truck Pop-Ups

Consumers love a fun truck pop-up, solely because of the unique execution and intrigue it builds when driving down the road. Trucks are sent into neighborhoods or major traffic areas and park in a central location in order to promote awareness for the brand. Many times, the truck will be decorated in brand colors, which should be easily recognizable to the consumer. 

Chick-fil-A did this in Manhattan in 2015 in order to inform local consumers that their restaurants would officially be opening in the city in the next few weeks. The company had the truck painted in the iconic white and red coloring, and employees gave out free chicken sandwiches to excite potential consumers. Since then, there have been a few locations opened in the city, and each time there are lines that go out the door and circle the block. 

Product/Venue Launch

The best way to show consumers there’s a new product is to create an official launch and invite the target market, influencers and journalists to the event to promote mass social media and press coverage. This provides people with an experience that will bring both the product and venue to life, creating reasons why they need to have the product or to venture to the venue. 

If someone were to go to a venue launch such as a bar launch, marketers could make the atmosphere feel like a party, which could promote future guests to reserve nights for their own private event.  

Press Previews

This particular event will solely invite the media to arrive and preview the product that marketers are trying to get in front of the consumer. 

During a time such as Fashion Week, all fashion brands invite related media and influencers to visit and take their own notes to relay to their readers and audiences. This will create the opportunity for the positive feedback and from the press as well as exposure of the brand for their readers during an important time in the fashion industry.

Product Activations 

While product activations can take place in their own launches, they can keep the momentum going and reach new audiences. The marketing team can provide their own activations at fairs and festivals in order to keep the brand relevant. 

As an example, wine festivals are the perfect opportunity to allow winemakers to keep a few of their bottles relevant to the audience and introduce the drink to more people who have a greater chance of being interested. By making wine brands available under the same roof as those hosting a large group of wine enthusiasts, this increases the opportunity to achieve more wine consumers than any other normal event.  

Store Activations 

Bring new and current consumers into the store by mixing up the type of service offered. Store activations build intrigue to the consumer, and so he/she is always wondering what might be taking place or why there might be a group or crowd building around an area. 

During the holidays, store activations are more prevalent as more stores are in competition to have consumers do their holiday shopping all in one spot. Toy shops might have Santa Claus as their store activation for children, while clothing stores might have makeup stations set up to get a customer ready for their office holiday party. When the store activation focuses on how the service can elevate their experience without taking away from it, then it can prove to be successful, especially with the increase of foot traffic and conversion. 

Influencer Trips

Influencer travel is a very real job, and so many brands are able to benefit from this experience for a long time. In order to promote a brand, influencers are flown out to different areas of the world in order to take part in an event in the brand’s personalized activations. In return, these influencers are able to create ROI and exposure to both the location and brand by providing extensive social media coverage that may be used long term. All of the photos and video taken may be utilized by the brand and the influencer as forms of content and advertisement, and this will satisfy both parties. 

Benefit Cosmetics has been able to do this repeatedly in order to promote their beauty line.The brand has flown influencers to exotic resorts for an amazing trip in order to collect content and extensive media exposure.  

Virtual Events 

Marketing events may actually take place virtually and create exposure for brands that don’t necessarily have the budget to do in-person brand activations. 

This can easily be achieved on social media. YouTube, for example, is a great platform to host giveaways. On the other hand, Instagram would be a cool platform to host a live show through streaming services. During the course of COVID-19, this method has been one of the most popular, and it has become a new normal way to promote and share events from the comfort of consumers’ homes.    

Speaking Engagement 

When a brand has a new announcement to make, a speaking engagement builds the momentum and creates excitement as it’s occurring at a venue instead of on a normal press release paper. Apple does this well because every year they host a speaking engagement in order to introduce new iPhones, Ipads and Macbooks and explain their features. 

Speaking engagements also put a face and tone of voice to the brand, which gives the consumer more to hold onto when making their purchasing decision. Apple is both informative and excited in their announcements, which is then relayed to the customers and their feelings about the products.

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