The Best E-Commerce Promotions to Consider to Boost Sales

During this global pandemic, it can be pretty difficult to turn your business around when non-essential businesses aren’t allowed to keep their doors open. Consumers are also holding onto their money tightly as they are either laid off or furloughed from companies who can no longer afford to pay them. As we head into the worst parts of the pandemic yet to come, here are a few promotional tips for your e-commerce business. With these, they’ll create options for your plan of action, and hopefully something good to look forward to for your customers. 

Site wide percentage 

Everyone loves a deal. Give your customers the gift of a site wide sale they’re not normally used to seeing unless it’s the holidays or Black Friday. By creating a site wide sale, customers instantly feel the idea of savings and will hopefully have them take action on a product they’ve had their eye on for the past few weeks or so.

By creating this type of sale, a larger number of products will be moved out of inventory, which will give the business quick spending money to invest for the future of the business and when the world finally starts working its way back to normal.   

Free gift with purchase 

In these uncertain times, make your customers feel special with a sweet gift with purchase. This could range anywhere from a small accessory off the site or a product from a brand you’re partnering with. 

If you happen to partner with a brand for this type of promotion, this will help to promote them and also generate traffic to their website. This may also positively impact your brand if you decide to do the same on someone else’s e-commerce website.  

Over the phone installation 

If your business includes an installation such as a software download, have assistance readily available to your customer for free during a limited time. This creates the idea of personal customer service from a distance, so it’s safe for everyone. 

Not only will the customer feel more special and appreciate the customer service, but this also allows time for your client to ask any important questions he/she may have about the product. This will allow for you to preempt any confusion they may have about the product, so they’re satisfied from the minute everything is successfully installed. 

Free Beneficial Classes

If the product takes some time to get used to, as it may be a product that is part of a lifestyle change, then provide free classes to help the customer get settled into what they’ve invested their money into. 

This is a great way to build trust with the client and show you have their best interests in mind. The classes will also give them more of a reason to have the products in their life, and you’re showing them the best ways to utilize them. If they have a reason or multiple to purchase, you will have that opportunity to create long-term customers.  

Giveaway Contest 

Create a fun moment for customers to look forward to during this time. Create a gift or large basket of goodies available for customers to be able to receive at their doorstep to brighten their day. 

This is a great way to get more people involved with the brand. Make the rules to enter simple by having them follow or interact with multiple social media channels. You may even have more than one winner or more than one entry to increase their chances, creating more hope that they’ll win.  

Sale on Exclusions

Now is the time to give your loyal clients the sweet treat of a deal that almost never occurs. Don’t put exclusions on the sale for one of the first times, and it will instantly create that urgency for your clients to stock up on their favorite products.

Exclusions are there for a reason, and it’s because they’re normally a best seller or prized item that has no need to go on sale. By putting them on sale, you’ll be able to move up to twice as many units, again creating that instant cash flow you otherwise wouldn’t have had. 

Flash Sale

Create a sense of urgency on your website. This is an especially good promotion idea if you’re a business that nearly never runs discounts. By creating this urgency and exclusivity to get a product at a deal during a limited time, those short hours will create a windfall of cash. 

When creating these flash sales, set them for a time that makes sense to your customer. For instance, a lunchtime sale for those browsing on their phones while grabbing a quick bite to eat. If they’re more of a night shopper before bed, post a sale that is relevant to that time.    

Abandoned Cart Sale 

Show that your business cares and is watching the actions of the consumer. If they’ve been loading their shopping cart and then abandoning it at the last moment, you might be losing that sale to potential buyer’s remorse or a competitor’s website. Conquer these sales by creating a small incentive such as 10 percent off their purchase or even free shipping if it wasn’t available from the beginning. This will show that you value your customers and have their best interests in mind. 

Donation Partnerships  

During a global pandemic, show your support by giving shoppers a reason to shop. Have them shop for a good cause, and show where your business stands during this trying time for all. Think about how you plan to help others. Are you making masks to donate to medical staff or are you taking a percentage of sales and donating to relief funds for everyone impacted during this time? No matter the reason or cause, it’s important to show that you genuinely care and want to help. By having customers get involved, they will feel they are a part of the brand’s efforts, and help is better achieved when done together. 

Loyalty Program

Create a loyalty program for those that continuously support your business, especially at this time. A loyalty program will be a great incentive and will reward customers that support you the most, which shows how much you care about their business. This will also create a stability for repeat consumers, so there will be a guaranteed income for your business every month. 

When creating a loyalty program, create levels or thresholds that shoppers may achieve as they continue to shop with the business. As they spend more money, they will have an increase in the type of reward that they will achieve. It will give them something to build with the brand as their loyalty continues to soar, and they’ll be rewarded every step of the way.  

Free Shipping

Since customers don’t have the luxury to walk into your stores, create the same cost of shopping in stores by removing the cost of shipping. A small shipping cost makes all the difference when shopping because it creates a new way of thinking. For instance, you’re giving a service away for free so the idea of shopping on the online website appears more valuable to the shopper.

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