Successful Marketing Tools for your Food Instagram Profile

Instagram with all its glam and glory is actually one of the hardest social media accounts to set yourself apart from other profiles with similar content. The food category specifically is a tough area to understand. From posts of the best gelato places to stories of a venture to food-related havens such as the Museum of Icecream, it can be difficult to post your content in a way that will actually gain more reach among others with similar content. Having Instagram arguably be the most popular social media channel too, we’ve come together to dissect exactly how to set yourself apart, and gain the following you ultimately deserve. 

Make yourself searchable 

When posting any cool new or even secret spot, make it as searchable as ever for followers and potential followers to find your content. This can be easily achieved by posting the location and tagging the restaurant on the initial post. When people search for either the location or tagged spot, your profile will bounce to the top and instantly gain more exposure for itself. An extra pro-tip would be to tag other major related publications in the post because it will not only create that same exposure for the account, but the publications may even request to use your content and provide credit. 

To be even more searchable, add trending hashtags in the caption as well as the comments section of the post. Having a number of about 20-30 hashtags will make the content easier to find and will be able to be reached over a number of different subjects such as food, location, season and other relatable areas.  

Please also keep in mind, to make any profile searchable the account needs to be in the public setting. If the profile is put in the private setting, then the account’s efforts become null and void. 

Don’t only post food fad content 

Every so often digging into the trends is not only a fun source for content, but it also can create the buzz any profile needs for the proper amount of engagement and following. With that said, this shouldn’t be the focus a user should have when creating their posts. 

Having any type of permission to create the profile a user desires allows them to be themselves and fill the void they’re currently finding in the content world. When it comes to the category of food, there is so much a user may post about that will ultimately have followers think of the account when someone sees that type of post. For instance, even an account may have a primary focus on capturing the best bite-sized treats in the city. The user could then also incorporate trending factors such as the uber-popular bite-sized cupcake shop located downtown. Whichever focus someone may have, always minimally use a trend area to let the primary content shine all the way through.     

Align Instagram Stories with regular food posts 

Nowadays it’s not enough to make initial posts on Instagram. The use of Stories is now a tool used to anchor someone’s profile and create even more engagement between the user and the follower. It’s also become an area to elaborate more on feed posts so viewers can grasp the entire idea and background of the feed posts. For instance, instead of making a large post on the completion of a cooked meal, allow for Instagram Stories to take the viewer through the process of cooking. This becomes much more enjoyable for them to watch, and it will build anticipation to see the final look of the meal. 

Users don’t always have to post in live time either. To create the best content and grasp the idea of how to execute the mission of the content, it can be better to post a little later than during the exact time of the event. 

When both Stories and a post are in line with each other, then that means followers have one subject that they are able to focus on, and will give them a clear message to be able to interact. 

Interact with followers 

When followers engage with the user’s profile, it’s always a good idea to reciprocate in return to acknowledge that the profile has a face to the name and that you see and hear them. It could be an action small enough where the user is liking comments or as big as engaging with them through a livestream. Instagram has outdone itself where there are multiple mini platforms the social channel possesses that will increase reach and accessibility. 

For instance, engage with followers during a livestream while baking a sweet treat that will soon be posted on the feed later. This will again, preempt followers for a content shot, so they’ll most likely be active on the profile already. Interacting with followers is a key performance indicator for the health of the profile, so once this is initiated, then there should be a set routine for it to be implemented.  

Pitch yourself to other food/news media outlets

As your profile grows in popularity, then start pitching yourself to media outlets and explain to them why this profile truly stands out from the rest. This can result in outlets covering this profile in a cool roundup or shouting out the profile and its local traffic it’s bringing to the community. 

If the profile is also at the point where it can start partnering with other brands, then now would be an amazing time to work with different public relations agencies in order to form partnerships. By partnering with other brands, the account has access to the target audience of the brand that the user is choosing to partner. This will result in reach for both parties, which will officially end with purchase of the products and more followers on the account.  This eventually could lead to a steady stream of income from the account, which could result in a profitable side job. 

Create a food content posting routine for your followers 

Don’t keep followers guessing when it comes to when they can expect to see their new favorite social account active on social media. Create a routine the user as well as the followers can get used to and fully commit to. For instance, for a food profile, have a stock of food inspiration for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Post-related photos around those times will create a theme and rhythm for the account that the followers will be able to expect and engage with as time progresses. 

Collaborate with other food bloggers 

This can be a unique alternative to a normal food post which will be a nice refresher for followers of both impacted accounts. Choose another food blogger who you may take interest in and pitch a collaboration idea that both profiles may benefit from. Look for other social accounts that may have a similar follower account, so that you may both benefit in the same capacity. It’s important that both accounts will see results because the other profile will more likely accept when there is a noticeable payoff. Don’t be afraid to be as detailed as possible in the pitch and be open to suggestions from the other party as this could form a long-term partnership.

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