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Brand Story

ProstaGenix is a medicine that is considered the most effective supplement for Prostate Discomfort. ProstaGenix’s proprietary formula doesn’t just claim to be the most potent prostate supplement in the world, they have the first place ranking to prove it. Ready to explode with Larry King as their official sponsor, the sky was the limit. ProstaGenix’s goal was to break through the challenge of transitioning from traditional marketing to modern social media ads

The Objective

ProstaGenix wanted to find a way to market their products through social media. On Facebook, you can’t create search-term based campaigns, which made it extremely challenging to advertise a product of this nature  on Facebook. In addition, Facebook’s policies were very strict for selling supplements. ProstaGenix has an extremely high lifetime value. Their initial goal was 1.3x ROI on first orders as their lifetime ROI would end being much greater. 


Our two biggest challenges was to pass the strict policies that Facebook ads have with medical related ads, and identifying the most relevant audience.
On Facebook ads, keywords or search term targeting is not supported. We had to create laser sharp targeting to ensure we reach the right audience while keeping all of ads are policy complaint. 

The Strategy

Knowing that it’s extremely difficult to sell supplements on Facebook because of the nature of the business and the ultra-strict Facebook policies, we knew that we had to be extremely creative. We couldn’t risk by using sensitive copy that would address one’s health state. We knew that the only way to make it work was to use positive content that promoted a solution rather than pointing at a problem. 

After a marathonic research period, we decided that the best strategy would be to focus on the testimonials of buyers instead of using aggressive ads that might create a negative user experience. Our creative team took all the raw video assets that ProstaGenix had and created a video that featured testimonials as a personal health transformation story that helped thousands improved the quality of their lives. The hypothesis was that by using the success stories as discovery ads, relevant users who have similar health issues would be keen to discover more and would respond to the ad positively. We projected that if our creatives looked authentic, users would be more likely to engage and comment with positive reinforcement. 

On a structure level, we segmented the users that were warm and prospecting. We needed to fuel up the pixel data to promote smarter algorithm optimization, so we first created a remarketing campaign to target people who haven’t purchased yet. We segmented users based on the level of intent, which was based on their most recent visit. We used the CBO (campaign budget optimization) method and segmented users from most recent up to the last 60 days. The creatives included transformation health stories with copy that would encourage users to take action. Next, we created prospecting campaigns that we based on lookalike audiences and different Facebook interests. We used the CBO method as well to ensure we were leveraging Facebook’s automated budget optimization methods. 

Our budget was allocated in the following manner. 85% of the daily budget was spent on prospecting traffic, while 15% was spent on remarketing campaigns. In addition, we ensured that the creative team was uploading new transformation stories to improve the performance of the creatives by finding which creative would perform best. The idea was to target a single user with as many transformation health stories as possible to increase his curiosity along with brand credibility to increase the chances of conversion. Week after week we fine-tuned our creative funnel based on the feedback that we got from the ads. We measured engagement level and conversion rate and cross-referenced that with the creative metrics to ensure that we continuously improved our creative process. We used cost caps combined with CBO for budget optimization to get the most cost-effective results possible.

In addition to delivering these amazing results and exceeding their expectations, we discovered an interesting fact. Because much of their traffic came from Facebook, many of their customers started using messenger as the main method of communication, which was great news for us. That meant that in the future, we could create campaigns based on targeting people who messaged them.

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“We loved running this campaign on TikTok. The campaign was great in helping us achieve our brand objective, and exceeded our expectations. The TikTok For Business team is also very helpful.”

Elvira Puspasari Chandra, Digital Marketing Specialist, PT
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