Press Releases to Send for Successful Business Communication

Communication is key to any type of business success. Whether it’s the announcement of a brand’s existence or a message stating there’s a new product release, each piece of information should be created for the good of the consumer and the employees working within the company. 

A press release is best defined as a statement issued to the public, delivering pertinent information about the business. When drafting a press release, each one should include the following items in order for there to be clear transmission of the message at hand:

Dateline– This will include the location and time of when and where the information was released. It will include the date, city and state, which is written for journalists to establish the most up-to-date information in their daily reports.  

Your Angle– Each press release should have a direct angle/message you want to achieve for the audience. For instance, if the press release involves a new product launch, then this announcement needs to be made clear within the few first sentences of the initial release.   

Body Paragraphs with Supporting Detail– It is extremely important to be as detailed as possible. A press release is essentially the first place consumers and journalists are going to be hearing about this information, so any relevant points should always be included. Journalists rely on press releases for several articles published per day because it acts as a written resource for breaking news.   

Contact Information– Create a point of contact for those who have questions, especially for any journalists who may have any question. This is important for someone who might be writing an article or post and needs to ensure all facts align with how they perceived the initial release. 

Boilerplate Copy– A boilerplate is a concise paragraph under 100 words that entails the mission of the company or organization. This type of information should be the last portion of the press release in order to give the timely announcement the center of attention.  

Listed below are the top press releases to consider for any brand or business. These will ensure that every announcement is properly communicated to all consumers or those involved with reporting about the business. 

Product Release 

This is one of the most essential forms of a press release, which will guarantee the opportunity to achieve revenue for the overall company. Many times, a new product or brand extension needs to be properly communicated to the consumer in order for them to make a purchasing decision. If the product has no formal release, especially if it’s an important factor in the brand’s future direction, then there will be a substantial loss of profits due to its prior investments to make it come to life. 

By having a product press release submitted, this will give marketers an opportunity to highlight key features and uses. This will then be translated in articles written by journalists for the target market to read and consume. 

New Hire Release 

This type of release is not only essential for consumers but also the current employees of the company. Most employees deserve the right to know who they’ll be working and communicating to, especially if this person is brought on for a specific reason. As an example, if the company is going through a crisis recovery, then the leaders may hire a spokesperson to handle the majority of communication that goes out to the public. This is critical for employees to understand as this will directly impact their future messages and delivery within the business. 

Brand Collaboration

Any type of partnership with the company will directly impact the consumer which needs to properly communicate to them. For instance, if Nike decided to partner with a brand that offers a new type of recovery products after a workout, then this may reshape the future direction of both brands and how they’re both offering new products to consumers. Consumers will need to know about the new products that will be shoppable by both brands and the possibility of new services that will accompany them.  

Product Gift for Receivers

When working with individuals or influencers who are given the ability to promote the new products, it’s a great opportunity to supply them with a press release. This will give them more of a background on the product as well as featured talking points to share with their followers. For example, influencers may receive a new makeup palette from one of their favorite brands. What they may see at first are only a few of the pretty colors inside, but a key point about the product might be an active ingredient added that only a press release might be able to provide more detail. This active ingredient may also be the direct selling point for this new palette, which needs to be stated.   

New Business Release 

If you happen to be launching a new business, then a press release is much needed in order to reach your target market and then some at a much faster rate. This document will provide a summary of the business, it’s a mission statement, and how it will benefit the future consumers. Without this type of marketing put into place, any type of release or launch will fly right under the radar. Consumers who most likely want to be a part of the brand won’t know of its existence and the opportunity for substantial sales will be lost. 

For example, if an influencer is partnering with a brand to launch her first clothing line, she can’t solely rely on that company to do her personal marketing for her. Instead, she needs to make a commitment to herself to gain positive PR for the fact that she’s officially co-designing a fashion line. The company she’s working with will only highlight the clothing line itself, whereas that influencer needs to send out releases that will be able to showcase news pertaining to her story. 

Award Winner Release 

When a company wins or is acknowledged for doing something great, whether it’s innovative technology or a cool new marketing strategy, then it deserves to be shared with the public. Announcing an award will build credibility for the business and will produce a great reason to start trying out their products or services. This release will also create more of a reason to keep their loyal following. 

Rebranding Release

This type of release is important for those who are already consumers for the brand. Loyal consumers and the potential new target market deserve to know and understand the new direction the brand heading towards as time progresses. There have been several occasions where a brand has shifted gears to either cater to more of a mass-market or reverse in order to provide for a more niche market. Both choices provide an opportunity to rebuild their revenue stream, but also lose some of the current target markets in the process.   

Crisis Management

During any type of crisis (especially one such as COVID-19) it is extremely important to communicate to the public and share how the business as a whole will be shifting gears in order to pivot around the situation and cater to their current target market in the best way possible. In times that are uncertain, it is essential to make sure that there is consistent communication at all times, and for the messages to be coming directly from the business.

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