Political Marketing: Let’s Digest the Strategies

Given that the country is in one of the biggest national political elections, it helps to understand the political marketing strategies both parties are currently investing. We’ll take a deep look into why each campaign strategy works and how they’re being applied within this year’s huge presidential election.

From connecting on a personal level via telephone to doing thorough research needed to understand the target market, we’ll be truly digesting the top political marketing strategies in all of the books. Let’s grab our pens and notepads and get started! 

Writing a Narrative 

For a president to be able to win the votes he needs to take a seat in the White House, he needs to create a story that his audience is able to grasp. This story is imperative for allowing the consumers of the information to be able to understand the individual’s history, their stance politically and what they plan on offering the country during the four years they would take in office. 

If you run or represent a company, it’s best to take this particular page out of this book because you’re building a loyal following by being transparent and truthful to your consumers.   

Direct Mail Marketing 

Even if the United States wasn’t still facing a global pandemic, direct mail marketing is still a major way politicians are reaching voters. This marketing is going to the homes local to where these people will be voting. 

To target geographically is an important aspect of political campaigning because this will greatly impact voting results down the line. When politicians are targeting geographically, they are also including the policies that will affect the potential voters most based on the location they currently reside. 

Understanding Voter Personas 

It’s absolutely essential for you to understand your voter personalities. Politicians are able to succeed at this quite well and realize that different parties will definitely have more than one demographic. In fact, politicians are able to figure out how their specified demographic interact with their political opinions, demands and trends. From those results each politician is able to pivot their campaign to directly target those voters. 

Politicians may even change a few of their political stances midway through an election season as a result from pivoting their target market efforts. 

Identify your target markets for your business. This can be achieved through the research that’s conducted. From survey polls to geographic research, you can find out a lot about your consumer or voter by looking at who they are, living situation and they are interests.  

Make the Campaigns Simple 

Don’t over complicate campaign messaging and positioning. This will allow voters or consumers to better understand the communication without the need to go above and beyond in their marketing methods. In fact, the brands you know and love today all have catchy and memorable slogans that only consist of a few words. 

Today’s consumers also don’t like to wait, and so they’ll keep scrolling if they aren’t fulfilled quickly or are able to grasp the message right away. Keep this in mind when you’re creating your own communication. 

Think about it this way too. If you have to think too hard about the method of communication and can’t understand what it offers or its stance, then it’s best to find another outlet. Otherwise competitors will be able to swoop in and steal away both voters and consumers.  

Take Time to Post on Social Media 

The one example marketing professors have taught to aspiring marketing professionals about politics is the advancement of social media. No matter the personal opinions felt towards the President Donald Trump, he is one of the main politicians who was able to use his social media profiles in order to engage with potential voters and build a following. As years have progressed, even more politicians are using the various platforms in order to engage with the same number of people and gather a large following. 

If social media isn’t used, then you miss out on a whole demographic and wont’t be able to stay relevant like other people or politicians. Social media is a huge part in a person’s life no matter the platform they use. It’s vital to be able to position yourself in a way that will allow you to connect with others.  

Ensure a Contingency Plan is in Place 

Mistakes happen. We are only human after all. That’s why it’s so important to build a contingency plan. This is the one action that is able to securely save a political candidate if they were to mess up down the line. 

So, how does one go about this? Not only does a politician need to create backup plans, but he also needs to be able to participate in damage control. By doing this, you’ll have a team ready to put new plans in action when the old ones don’t come to fruition. It’s an action bound to happen, and so don’t assume it automatically can’t occur. 

Be Personal With the Audience 

Engage with your audience. Politicians do this constantly throughout the entirety of an election. They need to gather an audience, keep that audience and increase it as they go up against the various opponents. By getting close and making it personal, it demonstrates an added level of effort. It will also have them set themselves apart from everyone else. Ans that’s what every one wants, right? 

Politicians have been known to keep the engagement going in the following ways. 

  • Phone calls 
  • Text messages 
  • Emails  
  • Door-to-door
  • Networking 

Impact With Important Conversations 

Politicians can acknowledge the fact that they need to have the important conversations in order to build th trust they need as well as take a stance on pertinent actions. Even in the most difficult of times it will speak volumes to be able to be transparent with followers and have the “adult conversations” in order to thrive and secure loyal followers.  

Voters and consumers don’t want to settle for less. Without the important communication, it demonstrates that there’s a lack of leadership or action taken place from a potential leader. This is a bad position for this type of person or any type of company. 

Mobilize on the Phone and Through Texting 

Believe it or not, a mobile device such as a cell phone is the best method of communication (even for a politician). Keep the doorways of communication open and flowing. This will help to engage with the consumer directly without the need to be formal in the same way as an email or a written letter. 

Make it consistent too. One phone call or text can get lot in thousands of others a follower might receive in a day. 

Influence With the Power of Video 

Visuals and sound are quite the duo, especially when striving to get an important message across to a viewer. Although it is one of the more expensive methods of communication, it does prove to be worth it. 

In fact, every four years viewers can expect to see campaign videos made by presidential candidates. Showing versus telling has a unique way of garnering a bigger impact and understanding made by viewers. Why not try it out?

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