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Brand Story

Big, brash and bold 一 JEWELLERY KINGS is​ the king​ of the urban jewellery scene. Australia’s #1 source of the freshest chains, pendants, rings, bracelets, watches, and earrings, each piece is designed to make a statement. Launched in 2013, JEWELLERY KINGS leads the way with individuality and attitude. Inspired by the US urban culture, and worn by some of the biggest names in the music, sports, and fashion industries in Australia and overseas, JEWELLERY KINGS continues to make an impact. Jewelry Kings take pride in the quality of our products and each piece is meticulously designed and crafted.

The Objective

After working with a number of agencies in the past, Jewelry Kings was trying to regain its presence on paid ads on Facebook. Being native to the influencer scene on Instagram, scaling their business through Facebook ads was always a challenge. Profitability was the main priority from day one. That meant that every ad served had strong accountability to ensure the entire focus is performance based and not to raise awareness or increase branding. Their KPI was return on ad spend of 3X at all times. 


Because men’s jewelry is an emerging market with a very niche audience, we knew that targeting would have to be laser sharp perfect. It was not a question of whether or not we can reach the relevant audience, it was the question of can target them while keeping the campaigns profitable above a 3X target.

The Strategy

The goals were clear and so was the strategy that we laid out for these campaigns. We first decided to map out the characteristics of our core audience and using the audience insight tool by Facebook, we noticed the strong correlation of rap music and our type of product. The affinity was highly rare and because of that, we decided that all of our creatives would be video based and accompanied by popular rap beats and tracks. 

Our video editors took all of Jewelry King’s existing raw video footage and revamped them into short mobile-first creatives that are in line with the best practices on Facebook and Instagram. Each creative was a/b tested with different music and captions to find winning formulas. 

In the first month, we systematically tested more than 75 different video creatives all with different captions and music to find the best performing ads. We used the combination of dynamic creative tools and a/b testing tools offered directly by Facebook to be as efficient as possible with the amount of impressions needed for each test to reach a statistical significance. 

Once the testing phase was done and stats were ready, we found 6 different winning variations that could be moved to the next stage of delivery and would make up the frame of our future campaigns. 

Together with the in-house audience creation tools, we created powerful performance based campaigns that used our proven effective creatives designed specifically for our audience, along with our audience list to create a ROI positive making machine. 

 In the next few months, we plan to expand to more ad formats and put a greater focus on the worldwide market to reach as many potential clients around the globe in order to create long term scalable results. 

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“Extreme levels of marketing, exceptional results. Highly recommended working with Yado!”

Aiden Collins. Jewellery Kings