Is Starting Your Own Brand Realistic?

When we look at how the world has changed tremendously in the last year or so, one of the big topics in the business industry is that several people are taking their careers by the horns and starting fresh. How? They’re setting up shop virtually and in their own homes. From delicious food creations to customized art designs on just about every canvas you can think of, why not make moves yourself and get a piece of the entrepreneurial pie? Although the bigger question is if it’s doable to do so.

In short, the answer is a yes. With so many home technology advancements, extra time at home due to pandemic restrictions and the drive to make it happen, there’s no reason why you can’t start your very own brand yourself. The real information to know though is that this isn’t a process that will happen instantly.

However, not to worry! We have the marketing and advertising to set you up in the strongest ways possible and make the transition from employee to employer much more simple. All you have to do is start by following along.

Marketing is a Huge Factor

Marketing is the bread and butter of your business. Without marketing, how does anyone new find your product, and how does anyone currently stay loyal without new, enticing information about the business? 

It’s important to invest in marketing tactics and set a part of the spending budget aside every year for this specific reasoning. Look into the different channels to involve yourself, and do the necessary research needed to see what types of marketing and messaging strategies will best align with your brand and reach your audience. If you’re not an expert yourself, then don’t be afraid to hire extra hands. The return of investment will surely offset the initial business costs. An extra set of eyes into the business will be just what you need to see other sides of your company and execute plans accordingly.

Utilize Social Media 

Out of all marketing tactics though, social media is extremely important. All of the different platforms and methods of communication that are available can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. Best of all, social media allows you to target several different target markets that are both niche and mass audiences.

One key takeaway from social media is to make sure you’re talking with customers on a more personal level. Engage by inviting the opportunity for conversation. Set up research, answer their questions and make sure to actively keep your customers (new and loyal) informed at all times. It’s also perfectly okay to post multiple times per day. In fact, this is what will build up the reach and increase your follower numbers. Without social media, you instantly run the risk of handing over your market share to the competition who is already actively engaging.

Social media is especially important for small businesses to shine. 30 views for a video may not mean much to a corporation, but it will mean the world to a small business and make a difference to affording supplies for the next few weeks.

Define a Voice 

While this may seem simple from an outsider’s perspective, this crucial step is often neglected from the very beginning. The beginning is where the voice should be defined in your company. By definition, it’s the tone and the “how” you want to be represented to your target audience. For example, is it through laughter or is the company more serious?

This isn’t to say that the voice can’t change down the line, but it will most definitely give a clearer picture on what your company is about and how it wants to be defined to the audience.

You may have one that will come more naturally or there may be one that needs more editing in order to properly meet how you want the company perceived. Start small. Trial and error will help you get a better understanding of what will work better, which may not be what you have initially thought of at first.

Plan Out the Objectives 

What do you want your business to achieve? Planning out the objectives and the goals you have for your business will make the overall company functions more organized. It will also help you achieve these goals much more efficiently.

You may not have long term objectives yet, and that’s okay! Long term goals take longer to define. Look and see what short goals you want to manage and are manageable. A lot of the time, those who start a new business themselves find that they can either handle more or may need to stretch out their goal timelines more.

Objectives are key in ensuring what you want for your business and that it’s moving forward. Always take time out of your week to ensure that these are all being met or that there is at least a plan for them to be met.

Be Resourceful 

There have been several occasions where new business owners will start a new venture, only to find out they can’t front the costs they need in order to be successful and obtain the necessary resources. This doesn’t have to be the case though! In fact, by researching others and their stories about being in a similar boat, you’ll find that they might have already discovered the resources you need for you!

All you have to do is start looking, and don’t be afraid to start asking around for help. Sometimes the best resources only need a bit of guidance to be found, and that’s all it takes!


To go hand in hand with resource-finding, networking is the matching key. While many of us have been placed in a digital workspace for the last year, that doesn’t mean networking needs to be made obsolete. In fact, why not look to social media, schedule in a few webinars on LinkedIn and other event websites to meet like-minded people that could potentially be a great new connection?

Networking is an important piece to the pie, and it shouldn’t be ignored. No matter what stage you are in the business, a new friendly face can always offer a new perspective. Without networking or reaching out to others with a fresh look into the ideas and missions of a brand, then there could be problems or brand miscommunications overlooked. This would cause the business to have the possibility of not growing to its full potential.

Start small too! If you don’t find your own network pool, create your own and have everyone bring an extra person. This works virtually too. One new person added to a group can instantly facilitate a wealth of unknown knowledge.

Be Hungry to Learn 

With growing into a business platform, learning will be at the forefront and eager for your participation. Success in any type of industry or business venture will come with learning all the new tools and functions that go with it, regardless of having prior knowledge of the topic.

When you look at all of the moving parts in starting a brand, it’s not easy. However, by taking the process step-by-step and knowing it’s a marathon and not a sprint, then it is doable. The effort and willingness to get a foundation for a business going is a start to a wonderful new area in your career.

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