How to utilize social media to benefit your business website

Since the birth of social media, it has transformed from being a few apps on our phone that we check occasionally, to the must-have technology that the public really can’t seem to live without anymore. With that, the way we communicate and share on each platform has evolved in such a way that the method to so has a method and a precise course of action in order to be well received.

If you’re using the platforms to start a business or have been well established for awhile, a few of these social media tricks will give you the traffic and sales you need on your initial website for an even greater ROI than your regular marketing campaigns.

Place website links on all social media platforms

Give followers the option to leave the app and see more of your content, whether that be a personal blog you’re looking to grow or a website that you sell products or services. This can be as simple as leaving the link in an Instagram or Twitter bio, and you have the option to watch the analytics on the apps to see how much of your followers are clicking on the link.

If you engage daily through a platform such as Instagram and utilize stories, place the link in the posts in live time. This will allow the follower to react while their impulse is high and excited with what you’re sharing. Giving the follower the resource they need while engaging with the platform and the product will drive more engagement and sales.

For each post, leave a cliffhanger

Every major book or even news outlet that’s trying to get the follower to read the full story will leave a cliffhanger for them to fully engage. Do the same in each post, and it will be peak your followers interest to check out the website.

For instance, if you have a product or service that you are offering at a discounted price, inform your followers but leave them wanting to know more. An example of those post may read, “Mystery sale for a limited time. Tap the link to learn more.” This caption gives them an incentive without the full information, but it will peak their interest enough to leave the social media platform, creating potential sales. 

Make the theme of your content apparent

Before beginning to post a social media campaign or promoting yourself and products, outline the exact message you want to convey in order to create clear communication.

If this is done, you as the social media marketer will have a better understanding of where to start and what will be more beneficial for the brand. This will also create a more organized system of messaging that you will constantly be able to revert back to as you move forward with each post.

Link website links in initial posts

If you are selling products and post them to social media, give your followers the link to the outlet to purchase them. It’s about engaging while their impulse is high. On Instagram, for instance, businesses have the option to link their products within each post so the follower has
the option to instantly make the purchase.

When shopping from another platform such as Facebook and Twitter, followers will also have the option to engage when the business tags the brand and location of the post.

 Engage with the clients through livestream

Some of the best influencers and businesses are the ones that not only engage every day, but also on a personal level. Whether it’s talking to the camera on a vlog for YouTube or using livestream on Facebook or Instagram, followers love brands that offer personal engagement.

Face to face engagement not only allows for a personal touch, but it also builds trust between the follower and business over time, making the follower feel he really understands and acknowledges the stance the business takes when engaging with the public.

Post incentives

Give followers an obvious reason to follow the business or brand. Beautifully curated content isn’t always enough for someone to start engaging with website later down the line. By creating incentives and more of a reason to give the page a follow, make the business on the platform feel more exclusive. Create incentives, and also make them only for one platform so it’s not easily accessible elsewhere.

Utilize the data provided to drive traffic

Businesses and brands always invest money for data that social media platforms are now able to provide for free. Take a deeper look into exactly what demographic is following each social account, and make it a point in future posts that these are the followers that are your current target market. It is always more cost-effective to build upon a current target market then to try and invest in a new one.

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