How to Pivot Marketing Strategies Post Election

Due to a politically heavy presidential election this year (more so than usual, brands are already shaping how they’ll be reshaping marketing strategies. Why? Everything in marketing is swayed by the outside world, so many are involved. This can include but is not limited to the stock market, international affairs, COVID-19 and so many more. 

In the case of current political affairs and the need to know how to pivot marketing strategies more generally, take a look at all of the following ways we can ensure brand marketing and customer satisfaction success.   

Be Careful With Company Actions

It really is true that actions speak louder than words. Companies that choose any political action or one that could alter company views perceived by the current customer could either hurt or help the business. 

For instance, the Black Live Matter is a huge movement. With so many companies taking a publicly made stance to either aid or not aid the practice and what it stands for, it can alter the views of the current and new customer. This is regardless of what stance is taken too. 

Make sure to acknowledge and review your brand’s messaging, especially when it comes to taking a political stance. If the action that was made is considered wrong to your company later or thorough thinking isn’t in place, then this can certainly do more harm than good to the perception of the company values overall.  

Keep Listening to Conversation Trends 

Understand the conversation trends, and keep on the lookout for when they’re happening. Don’t only listen to news agencies, but also look at the conversations that are happening by consumers in real time. 

Do this by looking at different social channels and see how other brands/consumers are interacting and reacting. Ask yourself these key questions too, especially as you’re evaluating and planning out a strategy.

What trends do you want to evaluate that align with your brand values? 

What hashtags should you be following? 

What key moments are needed to be watched closely? 

Which other brands or influencers are important to your brand’s values and current positioning? 

Answer all of these questions as it will be important in determining your future actions later.    

Collaborate and Form Partnerships 

Invite new voices and perspectives to be a part of the needs and decisions in your company. They may bring something new to the table that was initially thought of at first. Even your current large team may not think of everything if they’ve been immersed in the company culture for long enough. 

When you’re a social media marketer or communicator too, it’s vital to provide the correct customer care and support that’s needed and look at the social calendar. This will help your brand stay on top of its strategy. 

Anytime a team is planning for a big reaction moment such as a political election, it’s also important to map out other content and topics that will need a company response down the line. This will help new and current members to form effective responses if they’re needed.  

Analyze Your Current Strategy 

Regardless of the outcome, it’s important to plan for any and all outcomes that can occur. This even applies when one outcome seems more likely than another. You can never be too prepared when it comes to the health of your brand. 

The first step is to take a thorough look at your data. Evaluate all different aspects and make sure to not overlook anything. If there’s anything negative or unhealthy about the data processed, make sure to not stress. Instead, make a note and see what strategy can be altered for the better. 

Assess how your customers will be reacting to this current data and change of strategy. They will be one of the biggest reasons for the different effects of your company.  

Also, make sure to assess the data numerous times instead of only one time. Data is considered to be living, so it’s always changing. Treat it in a way that can be acknowledged and shifted as needed. 

Refine As Needed 

After all data is gathered, ask yourself how success is defined in the company. This will help to determine how you want your data to be altered in order to help with future success. Look into each KPI thoroughly too. 

With an election or any life moment like this one in the world there will be big mountains to climb and jump down as needed. By grabbing everything and taking control of the specifics such as KPI’s, it’s creating awareness and accountability for the needs of the company. Always keep your team informed too for effective communication. 

Learn New Consumer Behaviors 

In order to better understand how to pivot, it’s best to understand the development of new consumer behaviors. They are broken down into three parts. Take a look! 

Consumers: How are they feeling? What are the new moves they’re making? These are the questions you need to ask yourself as you maneuver through new times or reactions to any large events. In fact, look out for the following: 

  • Spending habits 
  • Content interests 
  • Brand expectations from new and current competition 

Brands: Look into how brands from within and outside your category are reacting to the current situation. Should you follow suit? There will be success and flops associated with any new changes. It’s your job as the marketer to take each one in stride in order to figure out how each one will be able to positively benefit you. 

Consider the following actions after you’ve observed how other brands are reacting. 

  • Live stream and engage 
  • Make an announcement 
  • Position investments and spending money elsewhere

Channels: Look at the different channels used for consumption and see how the viewership has changed. This includes streaming, cable and social media outlets. If the use isn’t the same, then it might do well to place advertising and marketing efforts elsewhere. 

Also make a note to understand the possible longevity of these trends. Are they only temporary or are they seen to be more solidified as we enter a new chapter in the country? 

How Do You Move Forward? 

Now that you know how to analyze and take precautionary action, let’s look into some of the key steps one can take long after this political race or any current issue has moved through much of the population. Take a look at the following! 

  • Acknowledge and understand the grief that can potentially come from both parties. 
  • Open up the floor with your employees to discuss other potential positive opportunities within the company’s strategies. 
  • Empathize with the customer and refer back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Empathy/compassion is referred there. 
  • Allow employees on the team in the company to feel safe. Positivity and company success begins internally.  
  • Communication is key. Make sure to do so effectively and in a timely manner. 
  • Encourage the company to be part of the change where it’s most needed and fits best. 
  • Reach out and partner with other leaders who might have a different perspective on company success. 
  • Open the door to listen and express new opportunities. 
  • Don’t dwell on anything negative. Take the present information and quickly make a turnaround where needed.

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