How To Grow Your Business on TikTok

TikTok is taking over our phones. Once used primarily by younger audiences, you can now find people of all ages flocking to the ever-growing app to see what the hype is all about. Even celebrities are taking to the app, increasing the visibility amongst others and driving traffic. As it stands, there are roughly 500 million TikTok users across the world. 

Those who remember the once popular Vine app are already familiar with the typically short video clips designed to entertain and educate users. TikTok follows a similar pattern, allowing individuals 60 seconds to film a video of their choosing. Within the TikTok community, you’ll find various influencers who sprouted from the app’s success and found viral fame. You might be wondering how you, as a business owner, can possibly grow on this accrescent app. While there is no set formula to growing your account (otherwise we’d all be famous), here are some guidelines to read over, especially if you’re a new user.

Think About Your Content

With so many users joining daily, there’s a growing market for new and entertaining content. Chances are that someone somewhere will appreciate whatever content you end up putting out there. However, if your goal is to go viral or grow your account, try to pay attention to trends and what other big users are creating. Look at what other business accounts are posting and let it influence your own original and unique content. Take time to examine the trends that seem to net a lot of views and compare it to your brand. If you can participate in these challenges and popular videos while putting your own spin on things, you have a greater chance of being seen by other users. 

Don’t forget about your loyal customers and followers, though. It’s easy to get caught up in the bright lights of stardom and growing numbers but remember your audience and who you’re trying to reach. Your flourishing account won’t amount to much if you have to tarnish your reputation with your customers along the way. This will be addressed more below, but don’t forget to consistently communicate with your audience and bring them along for the journey. After all, what would your company be without your customers?

Use Hashtags

Similar to Instagram, users on TikTok can filter through specific videos and content via hashtags. With so many users creating a multitude of videos, you’re bound to run into a myriad of content. Your hashtags are designed to help users who are looking for your specific content easily find you. Alternatively, the hashtags you use can put your content in front of people who might not have searched for you otherwise. 

Experts suggest adopting a customer mindset when crafting hashtags. Think about what you would look for as a customer searching for your product and tag accordingly.  One tip is to think outside the box a little here.  For example, if you run a photography or videography business, try and think of alternative words to use for your hashtags. Of course, you’d want to use words like ‘photography’, ‘videos’ and ‘photos’, but tag your subjects as well. Words like ‘art’, ‘nature’, and ‘portraits’, can help broaden your content so that it appears in more than one search. For instance, someone who was simply looking to find a montage of nature photos might stumble upon your account based on the hashtags used. This is a clever way to gain followers and exposure.  

Engagement and Interaction

As with any other social media platform, engagement is absolutely vital to achieving and maintaining success. You want to continue to nurture the relationships you’ve formed with customers and followers across all platforms while also branching out and engaging with TikTok users and content creators. Commenting, liking, and viewing other videos in your field can help bring attention to your account and entice others to flock to your content. 

Another way to interact with followers is to combine the tips above. You’ve seen what types of videos go viral, you’re using creative hashtags, now all you have to do is simply intertwine the two. Create a challenge surrounding your business or your brand and craft a hashtag to go along with it. Encourage your followers to film themselves doing your challenge, use the hashtag, and post it to their own accounts. With any luck, the content will spread and others will join in. Just like that you’ve got more eyes on your business and your account which brings the potential to grow and maybe even achieve viral status. 

Do Research 

TikTok is popular with younger users, so it can’t be hard to use, right? Unfortunately, like with any new social media platform, there are a few things that you as a content creator will need to learn when it comes to successfully using this app. Don’t let this put you off, though! Conduct a little research and really think about how this app can potentially benefit you and your business. 

Once you’ve learned the ropes, it’s time to ask yourself whether or not this is the best app for you. Do you believe your products and services can be accurately represented on this platform? Will your business benefit by joining? If you think your time will be well spent here, double down on your research and revisit the first guideline. Look at the content that is going viral and starting trends. Can your business create similar content or content in the same vein? Will your established audience be compatible with the types of videos you’re aiming to create on this app?  

It’s important that you understand what you’re getting into. After all, you’re a busy business owner and your time is valuable. If you’re willing to put in the work to understand the app and pick up on the trends, you’re putting yourself in an optimal position in which your account can start on the right foot geared towards exponential growth and viral content. 

Have Fun

At the end of the day, TikTok is where users go to have fun, be entertained, and even learn a thing or two. Don’t be afraid to use this platform to showcase your more humorous and creative side.  Always keep your branding at the front of your mind but don’t let yourself be boxed in too much by corporate standards. This is the app to let your hair down and crack a few jokes. After all, studies show that humorous content is typically some of the most shared amongst users. This boils down to people wanting to laugh and make others laugh. So, go ahead and hone in on your business’s funny bone.  If you churn out amusing content, your posts are likely to be shared and viewed by others thus contributing to the growth of your account. 

If you don’t go viral overnight, try not to be discouraged! TikTok uses algorithms designed to showcase content regardless of its followers. Engagement numbers are far more important and as long as you continue to remain authentic and true to your brand, you’ll find your desired numbers in no time.  


It can be challenging to join an app with the intention of going viral or getting a huge audience. Instead, try to focus on the content you feel is faithful to your brand. Keep an ear open for trends that you feel you can incorporate into your marketing and remain engaged with your loyal followers. At the end of the day, the goal is to have a good time and entertain others. With the right combination of authenticity and ingenuity, and maybe a little luck, you’re bound to have your business shoot to stardom in no time.

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