How to Earn Customer Trust When You Have Low Sales

When new customers visit your site, they know nothing about your brand, your products, or your business. In order to try and get to know your business better, the new viewers will likely look for product reviews from past customers, or anything that provides proof of customer satisfaction.

However, when your page is relatively new, and you have either no sales or low sales, you don’t have many customers to provide those reviews to be read by potential buyers.

Earning your customer’s trust is incredibly important, and it significantly increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase from you. Here are a few ways to help you and your business earn trust.

Show the Human Side of the Business

Customers typically tend to mistrust brands at their first glance, because in their eyes, your main purpose is to just make money, not necessarily to satisfy the buyers.

This is why, in order to overcome this stereotype, it’s important to show the human side of your business in your website. This can be done in a few different ways; you can introduce yourself, provide an extensive “About Us” page, or offer up your personal expertise.

Introducing yourself, the person behind the business, can improve the credibility of the business, along with adding authenticity and personality to your brand.

Having an “About Us” page is the perfect place to add your human touch. This allows you to have a place to focus on yourself, rather than the brand. By clicking on this, your customers can get to know you better, and it lays down the foundation for them to trust you and your business.

Adding your personal experiences related to your business will also allow your customers multiple reasons to trust you. By proving your experience in the field, your customers will feel they are in better hands, along with providing an emotional connection through your personal story intertwined with your brand’s story.

Use Content to Build Relationships

Your content is one of the most powerful tools for connecting with new potential buyers. Content allows you to slowly introduce your brand to them, without being too pushy or over-the-top.

By adding to your website regularly, or even blogging, you can show commitment in your business and how invested you are in keeping your customers updated. Regular updates are always a good sign for customers, and it will give them another reason to trust you!

Content with the correct details can help grow familiarity between your products and your customers, especially if you’ve developed a voice to your brand. The voice behind the words will allow for personality to peek through, growing the connection between you and your potential buyers, allowing them for more reason to feel comfortable and trusting in your brand.

Although you may not have enough customers (yet) to have a strong foundation of feedback, you should offer a place for them to leave feedback. This will provide content from somebody other than yourself, and it will also show that you’re encouraging the feedback, which shows your business to be high quality and trusting of your customers to leave honest and positive reviews. Showing customers that your trust them will allow them to trust you more easily.

Overall, for your content to be effective in earning trust, you should provide high-quality and high-value content on a regular basis.

Make Sure Customers Know that Their Security is Important to You

Not only do you need customers to know that your business is trustworthy, but you need to make sure they know that your website is trustworthy too.

Cyber security is incredibly important, and issues with hackers are unfortunately common, even with large chains. This is quite common knowledge, which means that your new customers will be wary about trusting the security of your website at first.

Using security-boosting apps is a great way to ensure security – they add more protection to your site, along with informing customers of the security offered by showing a security badge on your store.

Another way to show security is to offer a few different payment options. This will make your customers feel more comfortable with your purchase options, because some have preferences. For example, by offering PayPal, customers can see that there’s an extra layer of protection, because it acts as a secure financial gateway. Also, many customers prefer PayPal.

Statistically, about 69% of people believe that PayPal is better at protecting information. By offering a payment option that customers trust, you are giving them more reason to trust your website.

Show Your Excellent Return Policy

When shoppers are trying to decide whether to make a purchase or not, they take into consideration your return policy. A great return policy will result in the higher likelihood of customers deciding to make a purchase from your business, rather than not purchasing anything.

By having a good return policy, your business will be seen as having high quality customer service. Good return policies show that you not only prioritize customer’s experiences, but that you’re confident about your product too. Allowing the option for customers to send back the product for a refund gives them comfort, allowing them to trust you and your business.

Offering free returns, however, isn’t free for you. If your business can’t afford to offer that option, then you can consider offering free returns to only members of a type of loyalty program within your brand.

However, having a return policy isn’t enough – you need to advertise it on your site too. Here are a few different ways and places to do that:

–          Creating a separate spot on your website to give information about your return policy

  • Allowing detailed information on your return policy on your FAQ page
  • Show a badge on your site that highlights money back guarantees
  • In the footer of your site, provide a link to your return policy

Allow Time and Space for Customer Inquiries

Having new customers means having to provide new information. Your shoppers are going to have many questions about your business, your brand, your products, and your website. And so, it’s important to offer multiple outlets for them to reach out to with those questions.

Through your site’s contact form, an email, and social media platforms, your potential shoppers will need somewhere for them to ask questions about shipping dates, return policies, and other information regarding your product.

Customer service is incredibly important in the trusting process for a shopper. A customer is much more likely to trust a brand that answers their question in a few minutes, rather than a few days. Especially today, speed in deliverance is essential – it shows that your customers are important to you, and that you value them.

If your customer service is quick, your customers will trust you more. Knowing that they will get responses or answers quickly will encourage them to ask questions, which will make them more comfortable shopping on your site.

If you can, live chat is a very effective service to offer. About 92% of people say that they feel most satisfied when using live chat, and about 53% of people prefer live chat to alternative modes of communication with customer service.

Make Sure Your Product Information is Detailed

Typically, the more customers know about the product, the more likely they are to buy it. In order to do this, specifics are incredibly important.

In your product descriptions, you should provide every important detail possible to give your customers a better picture. These details can include exact measurements and weights, the ingredients or manufacturing materials, information about your product warranties, or certain features that are unique to the product.

Another detail to include in your product descriptions is to have as many photos and images as possible. By providing your potential buyers with multiple images of your product, they will be able to better see it being used in their own lives, along with trusting your brand more.

Free Samples Build Trust

Giving away free samples is one of the most efficient ways to gains a customer’s trust. By providing free samples, you are taking away all risk, along with inspiring trust with a free, high quality product.

If you sell a product that allows for smaller portions to be given away, take advantage. It will not only reel your customers in, but it will give them more reason to trust your business. By giving away free samples, your customers will be encouraged to convert from sample-receivers to paying customers.

For a transactional approach, you can ask for a product review in exchange for free samples. This will allow your sample-receivers to express their honest and positive opinions about your product, and it will also provide experienced reviews for customers that didn’t get a free sample.

Including reviews from the free samples will show the generosity of your business, and it will also encourage the people who liked your product to spread the word about your brand and their satisfaction. Increasing popularity will increase your trust, and everybody loves free samples.

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