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Printed Streetwear


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Brand Story

Freshhoods wanted to introduce something different to the world of street fashion, offering on-demand street art that is made-to-order. They created a hybrid of street art and technology with a goal to be the leading tech-fashion company in streetwear.

The Objective

Freshoods has been very successful in growing organically through Instagram. They wanted to take their ads to the next level and for the first time ever, create profitable ads using paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


This was not the first time Freshhoods tried using Facebook Ads to create a profitable stream of revenue, but it was definitely the last time. After trying three different agencies in nine months, they were about to completely give up and focus solely on Instagram. Luckily, our lead strategist was able to convince them to it give it one last chance, and it’s a good thing they did.

The Strategy

Knowing that Freshhoods was a brand that reached massive growth online through Instagram, we knew that they were doing something right in their marketing. Perhaps it was the immersive creatives they had, or the combination of colors and concepts that generated a massive hype. We knew that we had to build the strategy around their best-performing Instagram creatives, and not just fit their creatives into a generic strategy. 

One of their main concerns was that all previous marketing industries didn’t dive in and take the time to learn about the brand itself. They didn’t learn the story, the products, or the customer persona or how to connect with and reach the right audience. At Yado we do things differently. We don’t touch a single button until we completely familiarize ourselves with the brand. That includes reading every possible comment and every marketing and product brief that was ever released.

Instead of using the conventional ways to set up campaigns on Facebook Ads, we thought of something better. If their Instagram posts are converting so well, what if we can grow their reach by ten times and generate massive amounts of growth as a result? We call it Instagram On Steroids. Yes, everyone knows that creating a boosted post brings nothing but likes and comments, and Freshhoods hired us to bring revenue, not likes!

We used conversion objective campaigns, and instead of using regular ads, we clicked on the “use post as ads” feature and selected all of the top performing Instagram posts. 

We created a powerful funnel where every post uploaded daily will be pushed into one of the campaigns running on Facebook depending on how it performs. We segmented audiences based on intent and engagement level. Each time a post was posted, we would link it to the most relevant audiences. This meant that we created an evergreen funnel where new ads were pushed into the campaigns daily to maximize performance and growth.

Last, we created a monster remarketing campaign where we focused heavily on every user with an intent. We didn’t just look at the last few days since their last funnel, but the entire lifetime of users. Instead of just showing them boring remarketing ads, we segmented them into relevant groups and targeted them with relevant ads. That included rich stories, behind the scenes videos, special offers, and new arrivals showcase. Then, users were moved from one audience to another based on intent level. Our philosophy on remarketing is the following, if two percent of people will purchase today and 98% of users will walk away without purchasing anything, you better be focusing on the 98%. 

Another fun fact was the massive increase in the number of followers and subscribers. Remember that our focus was performance from day one, yet because so much money was put into paid ads, Freshhoods managed to triple their number of followers on Instagram! Massive reach from ads led to massive amounts of shares, comments and organic growth that made the investment in ads even sweeter.

Products Used

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Snapchat Ads

“Working with Yado was beyond our expectations! We worked with a handful of agencies and never experienced anything close to what Yado was able to deliver.

Highly recommend it! ”

Brian Marcos, Yours Truly