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Healthy Food Delivery

FlexPro Meals

Healthy Food Delivery


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Brand Story

Founded in 2014, Flexpro meals was created with a bold mission, to change premade meals to sustainable, high-quality & delicious ready-to-go meals. 

!Flexpro Meals is a subscription-based delivery service. You can choose from over 25 healthy chef-prepared meals made from scratch.

The company uses all-natural whole food ingredients to create top-quality meals you can enjoy every day. 

Their mission is clear: Create extremely delicious and healthy meals, delivered straight to your door. 

The Objective

Like many companies who achieved massive growth early on, audience & market saturation is a commonly faced obstacle. Dominating the market & producing sustainable long-term growth is extremely challenging to maintain when you already reached such a large audience. Not only that, food delivery service is one of the most competitive industries on social media. 

Flexpro meals understood that they have to restructure their social media & paid advertising strategies, and that’s when the partnership with Yado with born. 

Takeover existing management of their ad account from the previous ad agency, create & implement a strategy to fight ad performance saturation while creating a lift in performance with the goal of creating long-term growth. 


One of the first things we wanted to fix was the online presence on social media. We noticed that compared to the bigger and smaller competitors, the online presence on Instagram & Facebook didn’t represent the true size and potential of Flexpro meals. In addition, during our in-depth cross data, we noticed that one of the reasons that ads were “saturating”, was because, like many advertisers, the ads relied on a very narrow selection of top-performing ads. This means, that users were seeing the same ads over and over again to the point where it became close to the point they were feeling “spammed” with ads. This is something we know that we had to fix immediately.  We knew that we had to implement a “content first” strategy that will incorporate a rich variety of creatives that instead of showing users just ads, we can tell a story. 

The Strategy

One of the first things that we noticed when analyzing the current ads and social media presence, was how much great content was being uploaded by users organically. We were surprised to realize that there were so many creative assets being uploaded online without anyone boost their reach to both, directly and indirectly, promote the brand. 

Like in many brands that reach early-on extreme growth, without proper guidance and planning, ad saturation happens fast, and cost per acquisition slowly increases until they can no longer afford to advertise with such large budgets. To tackle that, we knew that we have to focus on both diversifying the creative strategy while at the same time, expanding the audience pool size. 

Most advertisers focus on the easiest conversion opportunities, they tend to give advertising platforms complete freedom and just focus on getting the easiest results for the lowest cost possible, the problem with that is, that it’s not scalable. 

After weeks of planning and finally executing, we built a sustainable strategy that is performance-focused, that is based on the fundamentals of using user content that’s already being uploaded to different social media platforms, and incorporating that into our advertising campaigns.

 That meant, that instead of just showing users ads that look like ads, we used creatives from users that look organic and not like were advertising to them. 

When a user feels he came across an organic post, one can imagine how he feels different than being targeted with another advertisement. 

We refined and improved this strategy as more data continued to flow in and built a system that is based on a correlation between the amount spent on ads per month, and the number of creatives that are used. This was done to create a rich and engaging user experience that focuses on one thing; turning users –> followers —> eventually, buyers!

Within 90 days, we witnessed a strong lift in ROAS and a massive change in the social media landscape presence. We plan to continue revisiting and optimizing our current strategy to achieve even better results.  

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“Highly professional, insane performance. Working with Yado gave us the confidence that we’re working with the best of the best.”

Nathan Korn, Flex Pro