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Chapter 3

Zone in on a problem


If you understand your customers, you understand the unique problems they face routinely. Your customers maybe consciously or unconsciously looking for solution to their problems.

Understand not only who your customers are, but understand why they are your customers.

Customers use your products because they have added value to their life. Their life is either easier or better because of your product. If you want to bring in new customers, tell them what problem you product solves.

As an example, consider your business, “The Coffee Company,” sells fair-trade coffee beans. 

You decide to run a Google search ad. Your customers are likely highly motivated by ethical businesses because they are willing to pay more for coffee that was made by a company that prioritizes ethical treatment of workers.

The problem your customers experience is a dilemma, they love to drink coffee, but many coffee companies underpay and mistreat their workers. 

Your business might consider ad titles like: “Good Coffee, Good Karma: The Coffee Company” because it quickly conveys that your coffee company values morality in producing your product.