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Chapter 4

Make a focused ad


Your business may offer a variety of products for prospective customers. But you should not try to sell customers everything at once. 

Consider again that your small business, “The Coffee Company”  is focused on making products for coffee lovers. You might sell coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee grinders, coffee mugs, travel mugs, french presses, and books about coffee. You may only have the budget to run one ad on Google. Why not tell customers all the great things you sell in one ad? You have so many things to offer, why limit yourself, right?

This is not a good idea.

If you want an ad to make a sale, you should focus on one thing you want your customer to buy. Your Google ad is likely a viewers first exposure to your company. It is unlikely they will buy into your entire brand right away. If you pitch your entire brand to a viewer, you are effectively asking the viewer take their own action to look at your website, then browse until they find something they want, then put a product into their e-cart, then initiate a transaction. If you are making an internet advertisement, you should make the viewers buying experience as streamlined as possible. 

Instead of giving the customer options for what to-buy, tell them one thing they should buy from you, then tell them how to do it. Use simple instructions like, “Click here to buy now!”