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Filtered Water Bottle


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Brand Story

The crazycap is the world’s smartest self cleaning & purifying water cap. 

Clean drinking water shouldn’t be a luxury. It’s a basic necessity in everyday life that should be available to everyone. CrazyCap provides safe drinking water in just 60 seconds using their world class innovative self cleaning water bottle cap. For a lot of people, clean water can be incredibly difficult or expensive. Having water delivered to your home, special devices in the kitchen or on the roof, or even purchasing bottled water, can be out of the question.

The idea of cleaning existing water is as old as humanity itself and is constantly improving. But, for the most part, the idea has not been portable – until recently. CrazyCapbottle has taken the idea of treating water and put it in the palm of your hand – or, more accurately, on the top of your bottle.

The Objective

Since most of Crazycaps items and bottles are sold directly on Amazon as well as directly through department stores like Target and Walmart, excelling on social media platforms was not native to them. Most marketers agree that not all products belong on social media platforms. There has to be a demand and massive interest for a product to do well on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Crazycap wanted to break through the walls of social media and expand their reach in order to open up a new stream of customers. Along with this ambitious mission, Crazycap wanted to ensure that their campaigns will have a positive return on investment while creating a strong awareness for their brand.


How do you market a product with such a specific audience? That was the first question that we asked when planning how to tackle this strategy. Because Facebook is not a direct search platform,we knew that it will be very challenging to both find an audience that finds this product relevant and at the same time be interested in purchasing it, add to all of that that we needed to make sure it was profitable.

The Strategy

We knew that in order to be able to build something sustainable and scalable, the creatives and messaging needs to be extremely accurate and on the money. Anything but spectacular would result in a mediocre campaign with little to no results. Because this product was mostly used for the outdoors, we hypothesize that rich creatives that show nature combined with strong messages that support the earth will perform effectively. 

Together with the creative team at Crazycap and along with our video editors and copywriters we developed a strong creative team that will be able to produce highly engaging and attention grabbing creatives that will drive potential customers to the website.

We decided to use messages revolving around “support earth & drink clean water”. We took all the past video assets that crazycap had, and made them mobile ready to best fit the audience on social media platforms. Together as a team, we produced 6-10 different video creatives that are native and extremely relevant to social media platforms. We chose to multiply videos instead of just one as we knew that one video might not be enough. We predicted that it will take a number of different ads to really raise interest and convert the social media user into a buyer. 

We used Facebook’s campaign budget optimization method and used both dynamic creatives and Facebook’s a/b testing tool to find which videos work best for what audience. 

Once we found which creatives work best, we inputted them into a dynamic creative campaign and paired them with appropriate copy, matched them with audiences in different audience groups depending on their level of intent and buying journey stage. 

The results were beyond what we initially estimated. Within the first few days, we started generating more purchases than what we planned. With the response on social media in the first 2 months, we were able to double the return on investment compared to all of their previous campaigns prior to hiring Yado. We plan to work on scaling the campaigns over the next few months and help Crazycap become the leading front of self purifying eco-friendly water bottles.

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“I think they know Facebook ads better than the people who work at Facebook. That’s all I am going to say. Wow.”

Rakash Meze.
The Crazy Cap