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Brand Story

Established in 2017, Avenue the Label is distinctly, proudly, and quintessentially Australian. It’s a homage to our island home – and to its never-ending summer. Our priority is two-pronged: utilizing the highest quality fabrics, whilst remaining environmentally and ethically conscious.

The Avenue aesthetic is distilled to a marriage of easy essentials, coupled with statement occasion wear. We aim to create a wardrobe of old-faithful styles that work with, and celebrate, all facets of life. As best friends, we design with each other, and the other woman, in mind. 

The Objective

Like many fashion brands that have been successful in growing their brand and establishing their presence through social media, Avenue was looking to explore ways to increase sales through paid advertising. Like many brands, they wanted to leverage the power of paid advertising to scale their growth and revenue. Their goal was to find a way to make paid advertising work on a performance level when they can profitable invest in ads and get a positive return. 


Exploring paid advertising today, during the Post IOS 14 ERA is extremely challenging. Advertisers are relying on extremely precise advertising and Avenue the label was not different. Concerned by the increasing cost to advertise, Avenue wanted to ensure that their ads remain profitable at all times. This was challenging because there were no active ads or data that we could leverage to use our AI prediction methods to identify the most effective strategy to launch. We had to ensure that ads will be performing right from the start and time was working against us. It required us to conduct a massive amount of research prior to launching the ads and plan and execute a campaign strategy that will both generate satisfactory results and will deliver the highest ROAS possible.

The Strategy

Although we worked with more than 100+ different brands and managed millions of dollars in ad spend, we learned that copying ideas and strategies of what worked well in the past for other brands won’t mean much if we just try to implement those strategies on other brands. That’s why we had to craft a unique strategy for Avenue that will leverage their digital assets and provide the most effective results. During our comprehensive research in our planning phase, we noticed that although Avenue is an upcoming growing brand, it had a lot of extremely professional creative assets that haven’t been tested or leveraged as much as they should. In addition, we noticed that there is a growing loyal customer base that supports Avenue by actively coming back to the site and purchasing new arrivals and available products. We knew that their creatives and customer base is the key to getting their advertising foundation right.

After careful planning and perpetual data analysis, we crafted a campaign structure that segments their existing customers, website users, and social media followers into different audience segmentation based on their purchasing cycle or level of intent. We then used their top-performing creatives and other creative assets that were available, and launched a sophisticated campaign across Facebook and Instagram. 

Once we started getting data back from the performance of the ads, we started altering and optimization the ads towards the best performing creatives along with the most relevant audiences. We reported back the data and have created a dynamic work-frame to repeat the successful elements and improve all other areas. 

As a result, within the first month, we started seeing exponential revenue growth on the store level and an undeniable lift in revenue that was reported on the ads level. Within 3 months, our hard work paid off and sales elevated to levels that the brand has never seen before. Since then, ROAS continued to improve and the brand kept growing its revenue, reaching more buyers and more followers. In the near future, we plan to continue to improve sales and ad performance and hit new milestones that avenue hasn’t reached before.

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“Working with Yado transformed our business to a new level. Cutting edge results, impressive growth and extremely professional work”

Avenue The Label