5 Reasons to Hire Influencers as Brand Ambassadors

Are you looking for a way to promote your product or service on social media? Do you have trouble converting ads into sales with things like Google ads?  Do you struggle to develop an organic following for your business?

If you want a better way to spend your advertising budget, hiring a brand ambassador could be your solution. Effective businesses often hire social media influencers as their brand ambassadors, there’s lots of reasons why.

Here are 5 big reasons why you should hire an Influencer as your next brand ambassador

Effective advertising that matches your budget

Multimillion-dollar industries and small “ma and pa” shops grow their businesses using brand ambassadors. Whatever kind of business you’re promoting, hiring influencers as brand ambassadors  can optimize your advertising strategy. When you invest in an influencer, you can get great returns on your investment, even if you’re on a slim budget. 

Brand ambassadors are compensated in a variety of ways. The way you decide how to compensate your ambassador will depend on the size of their audience, how engaged their audience is, and your budget. 

Some of the biggest influencers on social media platforms may expect up-front payment for advertisements as well as a commission on the sales they generate. If you are a small business with a small budget, you may not be able to afford paying for advertisements. 

Luckily, there is more you can do to compensate a brand ambassador. If you are trying to capitalize on your financial investment, consider these options: 

-Find influencers with a smaller following, focus on creators few or no brands they are affiliated with.

-Offer only an upfront payments for advertisements

-Offer only commission on sales without upfront payment 

-Offer your products or services to the influencer for free or for a discount

-Offer to promote them on your social media and in advertisements

The possibilities are endless, so negotiate with an influencer you like and see what you can both do for each other so you can both meet your goals. 

Influencers bring personality to your brand

Influencers can bring personality to an otherwise underdeveloped brand. Few business people have the same “star power” that social media influencers have. When you partner with a social media influencer, you associate your brand with the qualities of that influencer. Your brand will be perceived as smarter, prettier, funnier, and simply more personable. These qualities  make customers want to buy your product or service. 

Furthermore,  your customers will see your brand as a partner to the people who inspire them. When social media influencers talk about how they financially support themselves, their audience hears them personally credit you and your brand. To their followers, you are the reason that they can to make the content they enjoy. 

Social media influencers make their followers lives better by entertaining and educating them. To their followers, you are the one who makes that possible. If you understand who is revered in your customer base, you can build a strong ad campaign by hiring the right social media influencers.

Influencers are trusted and respected by their community

Google ads, posters, and social media ads rarely make sales. What is much more effective is a personal recommendation from a trusted individual. Recommendations from friends and experts are more likely to influence customers choices than banner ads. When followers feel connected to a content creator, they will receive their recommendation as if it were recommended by a friend or expert, and you can’t make an ad better than that!

Influencers worked hard and long to gain trust and respect from their fan base. Influencers dedicate time and money to becoming experts in the topics relevant to their niche. Their fans trust and respect their favorite creators because they show that they are experts in what they are talking about. Creators also engage with their audience, developing a personal relationship with them. Through comments, direct messages, and likes, creators become close to the people who follow them. That deepens their relationship of trust and respect.

Because of this relationship, influencers opinions matter to their audience. Their followers will often look to their favorite social media channels for recommendations. 

Followers see influencers as successful people, so they associate them with success. As a result, followers are inclined to think that using the products recommended by their favorite accounts can lead to a similar level of success. 

Peter McKinnon, a professional film-maker and video editor, can make entire videos dedicated to explaining what gear you need to become a videographer. He provides links to the gear he uses in his videos. His followers trust his word because he has shown that he is an exceptional videographer.

As Influencers grow, so does your brand

Influencers are always trying to grow their channel. They need to continue growth so that  they can stay relevant on social media. Social media influencers are professionals at getting exposure. Content creators can attract large groups of people and get viewers to engage with content. Influencers specialize in audience gathering and audience retention. This is good news for you and your business if you are hiring a brand ambassador. 

When you develop a relationship with an influencer, you can bet that this influencer will consistently promote their brand to grow their audience. As their audience grows, your product gets seen by more and more people. The longer you maintain a relationship with an influencer, the more familiar long-time followers will be with your brand. If you want people to know your product, repeated exposure is key. You can rely on that from your brand ambassador. 

The right hire is easy to find

Finding the right brand ambassador for your business is not as hard as you might think. 

A quick search for your businesses keywords will reveal accounts like yours. Some channels have been talking about products like yours for years. Partnering with those influencers is a wise strategy because when they promote your product, their audience knows that it’s a recommendation from an expert they trust.

Search for your keywords in any social media platform. You can see relevant accounts and posts that get high engagement. Look for how many followers an influencer has, and check how that influencer compares to their competition. This can help you better understand what you should bring to the negotiating table when hiring a brand ambassador.

Knowing your goals, your budget, and you are niche, will make finding you’re perfect brand ambassador easy. More likely than not, your pitch will be received well by the influencers you reach out to. Social media influencers don’t often rely on income from ads run by Google or YouTube on their pages. Influencers are much more inclined to work with a business because businesses can offer more income more consistency. Partnering with social media influencers is a win-win situation!

It’s time you throw away impersonable ads that don’t convert to sales. Get your product into the hands of the people who need it, find your ideal brand ambassador today.

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