13 tools to streamline Twitter workflow and supercharge engagement.

Over 330 million people use Twitter every month. With such a massive user base which keeps growing day by day, it is hard to deny its immense marketing potential.  

To harness this potential to its full capacity, you need to figure out the best ways to use Twitter as a marketing tool: finding the best hashtags to use, growing your following, finding relevant influencers to connect with, monitoring your brand mentions…. But it can be daunting to do all of that manually.  

Thankfully, there are many third-party marketing tools that can help you streamline your Twitter workflow and maximise your results.

1. TwChat

If you are using Twitter to market your brand online, you absolutely have to be on TwChat. This is where marketers and influencers alike gather to participate in real-time conversations around their relevant hashtags, track their mentions and find collaboration opportunities.  

The main beauty of TwChat is in that it allows users to manage their conversations without having to manually filter out irrelevant entries that come up in the hashtag feeds. TwChat monitors the hashtag and shows all your messages in a simple and clean chatroom-like interface. 

2. HashtagifyMe

Hashtagify.me is a free tool that allows you to find popular hashtags relevant to your business and view their popularity trends to inform your content strategy. 

If you want to really hone in on your hashtag strategy, you can join one of their paid plans (starting from only $29 per month) to get access to detailed analysis of both hashtags and tweeters, get hashtag suggestions for your tweets, view rankings of the top Twitter hashtags and much more. 

3. Commun.It

With Commun.it you can do a whole bunch of different things from one simple and intuitive dashboard: 

  • Monitor your brand mentions. Gone are days when you had to manually search for your brand’s mentions on Twitter. With Commun.it you can review and reply to all relevant brand conversations from one algorithmically curated feed. 
  • Analyze your followers. Find out who unfollowed you, view your interaction history with each follower, and get suggestions on top tweeters to follow. 
  • Schedule your posts. Commun.it algorithm analyzes your account and suggests the best times to schedule your tweets based on your previous engagement history.  

4. TweetDeck 

TweetDeck offers a more convenient Twitter experience by letting you manage all your Twitter accounts and happenings from one easy dashboard. Instead of navigating back and forth between Twitter feeds, you can choose to display specific Twitter timelines by adding columns and managing them side by side. You can add columns that display all your mentions, the search results for a keyword or hashtag, the activity of followed accounts and much more.

5. Tweroid

If you are struggling to grow your engagement on Twitter, then Tweroid might be just the tool you need. It analyzes both your and your followers’ account activity and suggests the best times to post to maximize your interactions.  Basic analysis is completely free, and the premium analysis starts at just $2.50. 

6. ClickToTweet 

ClickToTweet is a tool that allows you to embed tweetable quotes within your web content. All the reader has to do is to simply click on the quote to tweet it from their own Twitter account.  You can choose from a variety of link designs to embed your quote. You can also view the click activity for each of the tweet links you’ve embedded. The basic plan is available for free. The paid plans start at $4.97 per month. 

7. Tweepi

Tweepi is a simple yet very useful tool whose main function is to help users grow their following on platform. Instead of spending hours to fish for relevant accounts to follow and engage with on Twitter, Tweepi AI finds the most-probably-to-engage users for you and filters them into four categories: reply, follow, like, retweet and unfollow inactives.

8. Twtpoll

Twpoll is a tool that allows you to create surveys that can be posted directly to your Twitter feed to gather feedback from your followers. You can select more than 10 question combinations for your surveys including multiple choice, rating scale, ranking and more. You can also make your poll results to be publicly available after voting, or choose to make them private.

9. TweetReach

Tweetreach is a Twitter analytics tool lets you know the exact reach and exposure of any tweet or hashtag. The pro version also gives real-time tracking capability, access to searchable tweet archives and advanced analytics tools.

10. Triberr

Tribber is an invitation-only exclusive network that allows you to join tribes (groups of content creators with similar interests) and tweet the content of other tribe members in return for the same favour.

11. GroupTweet

Do you like the idea of having multiple contributors to your Twitter but still want full control over the content that gets tweeted out to your audience? Then GroupTweet is the tool you need! It also lets you engage privately with authorised contributors through direct messaging. Plans start from only $7.99 per month.

12. TwiLert

TwiLert is similar to Google Alerts but for Twitter. It sends you e-mail notifications whenever your brand gets mentioned on Twitter so that you can participate in the conversation in real time. Pricing starts at $17.97.

13. Audiense

Audiense is an advanced social marketing platform offering a plethora of solutions in three core areas – social insights, social marketing, and social advertising. It allows brands to identify, segment and engage their audiences across multiple channels. This is the platform that is going to take your Twitter to a whole next level if you are willing to cash out $79 per month for its Twitter Marketing plan.

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