12 Marketing Statistics to Document 2020

While it is important to have personalized marketing strategies for your company or the businesses you represent, it’s also a good choice to see where the marketing trends are moving. This may not only open your eyes to what marketing professionals are investing in, but it will open up new possibilities for a marketing strategy in the future. 

SEO is better than PPC for generating sales

This is huge when choosing where to invest extra efforts. In the case where generating more sales is ringing most important over brand exposure, then SEO should be the tactic that involves more of a focus. 

As this year has continued on, more individuals have been taking to online as a consumer given the world’s current conditions. This results in more online efforts such as the search engine optimization. Without this tactic, then it leaves the floor open to competitors who might invest more heavily in this tactic instead.

Global B2B ecommerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021

This number of revenue in the online sector is also a result of more online shopping. Fewer customers are walking into brick and mortar locations than ever before. Much of this has to do with the current climate consumers are immersed. 

As a marketer, it’s crucial to understand the current consumer client at all times. There are several external actions that have the potential to sway the consumer mind. More obviously, this can include war, political affairs, stock market changes etc.  

Text is considered the foundation of search, so text descriptions on websites need to  rank well for success 

The power of the written word is still as big as ever! In fact, when impactful keywords are missing from the description, then it’s more likely for competition to rise in the ranks of exposure.  Make sure to do the right research and see that all possible keywords are covered and tested for maximum success for your website and business. 

For example, if you own a store that sells athletic gear, make sure all the proper keywords are associated with everything that has to do with athletic gear.  

18% of Americans age 18+ own a car with an in-dash information and entertainment system 

This is important when targeting individuals on a radio platform. Knowing that the younger generations in the country are owning and operating their own vehicle shows that the way we can communicate to them is always shifting and growing as technology continues to update. 

Whether it’s the initial radio service or another streaming service that commonly plays in a car setting, an advertising campaign now has the opportunity to be created accordingly. Sound in advertising can initiate more memory than imagery that can be found on an advertisement like a billboard.     

73% of readers admit to skimming over blog posts whereas 27% read them all the way

Now that you know that the majority are only skimming written content, dig deeper and find out what information needs to be formatted where it will be seen at the forefront. This information may be the turning point where it will be able to convert a customer or have a current loyal customer continue to follow the brand. 

On the other hand, this statistic may also prove that efforts put forth elsewhere may be more of a worthy investment for your brand. Ask yourself how many of your prospective customers are reading into the blog posts and if they’re benefiting off of the content.   

80% of video marketers claim that video has directly increased sales 

The use of video is important for different advertising and marketing strategies that can be executed. When sound and video are incorporated, it allows viewers to be more captivated in the content as well as retain the information presented to them. This is then more likely to convert into sales. 

On average, it takes a viewer three times to see a video advertisement in order to retain it fully and recognize it the next time it airs.   

70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing 

Content marketing has been an extreme development over the years, and there’s no room for it to slow down in the near future. In fact, content marketing is constantly getting a new feature. What started out as blog posts is now YouTube videos and social media posts. 

This is huge for those who want to differentiate the way they market their business but also want to tailor it to a specific target market. 

As of this year, Google’s search algorithm is trying to transform text to images, voice/podcasts and videos.

This is considered to be a huge development for those who are trying to rise in the ranks on Google search results. For those who are using the above tactics, this will prove to be more successful in the long run. 

Google is also making this change as an attempt to keep going along with the different changes associated with current social media and new marketing changes that keep emerging. 

As of April 2020, there are 30 million podcast episodes in existence 

Podcasts are the new form of radio except the major difference is that it can be listened to on a more on demand format. As your brand pivots or even launches, take a look to see how the potential podcast might work in your favor. 

If the podcast itself isn’t in the cards, then purchasing advertising slots on there may also work well in gaining your brand new exposure.

During the first quarter of this year, there are 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users.

While Facebook is a platform that’s been around for a long time, it’s not a platform that will be going anywhere any time soon. 2.6 billion in one online space is a ton of people that have the potential to be targeted for a business. 

Take a look to see how you can position more marketing campaigns to see how your brand will fit in to grasp a piece of the pie. There are also a ton of new features that are constantly being released on Facebook in order to keep it more modern and relevant.  

Around 43% of U.S. adults get news from Facebook 

On top of that, Facebook has been a persuasive platform for news over the last few years too. Nearly half of the adult users in the US get their news from here, which shows how many are paying attention and the number that is searching for information on the platform on a regular basis. 

As of April 2020, LinkedIn’s number of users in the U.S. reached 160 million, now making it the country with the most users in the world. 

LinkedIn is so much more than a networking site to find your next job opportunity. In fact, it’s now becoming more of a place to gain brand and personal exposure. With a news feed with a similar look as Facebook, this is a platform that invites important conversations and topics to be discussed. As time has progressed, there’s now more opportunity for platforms such as LinkedIn to adapt and expand in order to fit your marketing needs

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