10 Ways to Instantly Improve your Instagram Feed

If you want to improve your social media presence, you should start with Instagram. Small improvements can quickly take your channel from ho-hum to exciting and engaged. Insta-users are passionate about liking and sharing the right content, and just about any brand can connect with their audience on this powerhouse platform. These 10 tips will help you take your brand’s Instagram to the next level, whether you are just getting started or looking to improve your content strategy.

Identify your niche

If you don’t know your niche, you are missing out on one of the simplest methods for growing your audience on Instagram. While it is possible to create and grow a successful account without sticking to a niche, Instagram includes powerful tools to help you grow if you properly identify your account. You can establish your account as a personal, business, or a creator profile and narrow down selections within those categories. By exploring your options screen from a desktop or browser screen on mobile, you can also elect to include your account as a recommendation to other users. This helps users find you based on the content they want to see.


Follow the right accounts

Instagram makes recommendations based on the accounts you follow. You can help further refine your niche by following the right accounts. Ideally, your account follows major names that represent the types of content you hope your ideal audience will follow. Choose a combination of small, medium, and large accounts similar to yours based on location, mission, values, and industry. Treat these accounts less like mortal enemies and more like potential collaborators. By following, liking, and sharing their content, you demonstrate commitment and care for the topic (and get a juicy algorithm boost, too!).

Plan your Instagram posts

While posting off-the-cuff and in the moment has benefits, most brands will find a greater advantage from sharing consistent content on a regular basis. Planning posts means more than searching for inspiring quotes for #MotivationMonday. You should identify SMART goals related to your marketing plan and decide how your Instagram content will contribute to those goals. If you want to sell more products, your content should showcase those products on a regular basis. If you want to encourage participation in events, share photos of the venue, pleased patrons, and personalized details. Planning posts means you have a solid strategy behind each item you share.

Schedule IG content in advance

You are likely aware you can schedule content ahead of time. Whether you choose a free or paid tool, scheduling content can help you see the bigger picture and plan ahead. Not every post you share should be scheduled months in advance, but you might be able to schedule recurring posts from an awareness campaign or season’s greetings near the holidays. Scheduling content frees up your time and helps you see pending gaps in your content schedule.

Experiment with a variety of formats

Once you get comfortable with your social media schedule, you need to be sure that you don’t get too comfortable. Instagram content typically showcases photography, but you might consider illustration, text-only quotes, or video to supplement your content. If you find yourself relying too heavily on one or two formats, you might be missing your chance to attract a new audience. 

Batch create posts

One of the best ways to free up time while building a cohesive feed is batch creating. This method calls for creating several posts at one time. If you are focusing on photography or video, you might use similar assets for posts that can be scheduled across several weeks or months. You might also build a few templates or several campaign ideas that all follow a common arc.

Use similar filters for all your photos

One way to instantly improve the look of your Instagram feed is to pick one or two filters to use for every photo you post. Sticking to a handful of similar filters will boost the consistent look and feel of your feed. You might stick with a realistic filter that brightens whites and highlights, but consider switching in black and white or single-color stylized shots for something that stands out from the competition. By planning your filters, you can increase the appeal and cohesiveness of your feed. Choose filters carefully, though! Most users prefer realistic, lightly edited photos in most cases, but highly stylized can work in others.

Brand your content

In addition to using filters, consider adding a logo or other method of branding to your posts to encourage users to check out your profile from where they interact with it on their home feed. Branded content does not need to be flashy to catch your audience’s attention. Adding your brand can be as simple as including branded gear in your posts. Including hats, shirts, or signature items can go a long way toward making your brand stand out in the feed.

Engage with your desired audience

One under-utilized method for increasing engagement with your profile is engagement from your brand account. Because the Instagram algorithm favors popular content, every bit of engagement by your account counts. Engage with users in your niche by engaging with the right hashtags. If you spend at least 10 minutes a day perusing, liking, and commenting on photos by your perfect customers, you will very quickly start to see attention paid in return.

Reply to comments the right way

If anyone comments on your post, you should respond  promptly. Even if the comment seems small or spam, liking and replying can boost the number of comments you receive. Users will see your account values and responds to comments, increasing the likelihood of future comments. Aim for replies with 5 or more words and emojis appropriate to your brand for more authentic engagement.

That’s it! Hopefully these quick tips gave you something new to try to immediately boost your Instagram content. Whether you try one thing or try them all, you should see improved engagement or audience growth. The most important tip you can remember for improving your Instagram is to be willing to experiment with your content until you find what resonates with preferred audience. Happy Instagramming!

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